‘The Office’ at Comic-Con 2008

The OfficeA reminder of Saturday’s Comic-Con San Diego events:

Saturday, July 26th, 12:45-1:45
Exclusive Q&A with the writers of The Office

The writers of the Emmy award–winning comedy The Office talk about their favorite episodes, characters, and fun behind-the-scenes stories.
Panelists: executive producer/showrunner Greg Daniels and writers Jennifer Celotta, Michael Schur, B.J. Novak, Lester Lewis, Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Mindy Kaling, Justin Spitzer, Ryan Koh, and Anthony Ferrell.
Moderator: Rainn Wilson.

If this is anything like the writers panel from The Office Convention in Scranton last fall, I bet they’ll show some entertaining video clips as well…

Can’t be there in person? No worries, this panel will be recorded and available at NBC.com!

Special merchandise: the NBC Universal Store will be setting up shop to sell a limited edition BBBG bobblehead and matching t-shirt! Visit NBCU’s booth at #3919.

Dwight Schrute bobblehead giveaway: NBCU Digital Distribution and MobiTV will offer Comic-Con attendees the chance to win 25 limited edition Dwight Schrute bobbleheads. Street teams dressed like NBC Pages will distribute posters on both Friday and Saturday during the convention with details on how to enter.

Rainn Wilson appearance: while not a Comic-Con event, a reminder that Rainn Wilson will appear at a Q&A session after a screening of ‘The Rocker’ on Saturday night. More details

Lastly: Matt Collins (OTCR moderator) and I will be at the writers panel. If you see us, please come by and say hello! (Matt’s the tall one who likes to dance.)


  1. If this is true I’m definitely going to try to get there. I missed out on The Office Convention and I regret that big time.

  2. I have lived in San Diego all my life and have never attended Comic-Con. The possibility of seeing my favorite Dunder Mifflinites would be the ONLY way to pull me into that absolute madhouse that is Comic-Con. I am SO there!

  3. Office is going to be at Comic-Con? I really enjoyed their Paley Panel so I am so there. I have never been to Comic-Con. Do you have to buy a pass to the whole event or are there just Office tickets? Do these things sell out way in advance? Basically, I’m what I’m asking is do I need to buy the tickets right now?

  4. I live in New England and am low on cash…so I don’t think I’ll be attending. But I’m interested to hear more details about this!

  5. BBBG! I’d fly down from San Francisco just to get that new bobblehead! It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. (I may need to get out more.)

  6. Absolutely, I will. I love the cheap Southwest Flights to anywhere in CA.

    Oh yeah, and the BBBG bobblehead looks amazing!

  7. I think I may know where I’m taking my summer vacation now! Actually, if this does work out – sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I hope lots of Tallyheads can make it and report back!

  8. This would be so awesome and the best early birthday present if it ends up being true. I’ll definitely be in the group of those refreshing this page until confirmation. ;)

  9. Tanster – I’m going to be refreshing this page every 5 minutes until I hear confirmation. So yeah, expect a lot more page views from me :)

    I was already so excited about going to Comic Con but the idea of an OFFICE panel is crazy.

  10. okay, TOTALLY going now. i’m living in downtown san diego until the end of july so me and the fiance will definitely be taking advantage of our extremely prime location of being a short walk away from the convention center to completely geek out =D

  11. Yeah! So happy this is happening in my backyard! I’m never sure if I want to deal with the Comic-Con crowd, but this would be totally worth it.

  12. Awesome! I’ve attended a few comic cons including last year and let me tell you its a blast. Having The Office there is just a bonus!

  13. YES! I just convinced my friend to go, so we bought our passes last week. This is icing on the cake!

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