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Full seasons

The Office Season 1Season 1
Released 2005
6 episodes

The Office Season 2Season 2
Released 2006
22 episodes

The Office Season 3Season 3
Released 2007
23 episodes

The Office Season 4Season 4
Released 2008
14 episodes

The Office Season 5Season 5
Released 2009
26 episodes

The Office Season 6Season 6
Released 2010
27 episodes

The Office Season 7Season 7
Released 2011
26 episodes

The Office Season 8Season 8
Released 2012
24 episodes

The Office Season 9Season 9
Released 2013
27 episodes

Special collections

The Office OvertimeThe Office Overtime
Released 2011
Includes webisodes, cast Q&A, and “Subtle Sexuality”!

The Office Michael Scott CollectionThe Office Michael Scott Collection
Released 2011
5 episodes

The Office Dwight Schrute CollectionThe Office Dwight Schrute Collection
Released 2013
10 episodes

The Office Jim and Pam Jam Pack CollectionThe Office Jim and Pam Jam Pack Collection
Released 2010
12 episodes

The Office Employees of the Month CollectionThe Office Employees of the Month Collection
Released 2013
13 episodes

The Office Producer's PicksThe Office Producer’s Picks
Released 2008
10 episodes
Executive producer Greg Daniels’ top 10 episodes!

The Office Employees' PlaylistsThe Office Employees’ Playlists
Released 2005
Favorite songs from Michael, Jim, Pam, and Ryan.

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