NBC promo of ‘Back From Vacation’

Moving this back to the front page in case you missed it the first time …

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

This promo was shown during Identity on Monday night, December 18th.

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  1. it’s so hard to stay away from spoilers! and then the clip ferguson showed before jenna came out had another spoiler. WHY???!!

  2. Man I wish NBC wouldnt put out spoilers like this. I mean i wanted to see it. But my friend was just watching TV that night and didnt get a warning. Seriously, save the suspense!

    Looks like i was wrong… i thought he was taking a guy friend, like todd packer. but if he was taking a guy friend, he probably would have asked jim or ryan or andy first.

  3. from jenna’s late late show appearance

    they showed a promo and hannah leaves over the break…wasnt happy with michael’s baby at work actions

  4. Did we not get a spoiler a while back that hinted at a Jan & Michael (Man? Jichael?) reunion?
    Anyway, I love it that Jan can’t resist Michael, even against her better judgement!

  5. Looks like Pam is going back to her old hairstyle, which makes me sad. She’s back to wearing the unflattering cardigans again too.

    R.I.P. Fancy New Beesly

  6. Can anyone post a clip of Jenna on Ferguson? Spoilers and all?
    I KNEW it was Jan! It’s going to be a riot!

  7. I’m really surprised that this came as such a shock to some people… Clearly Michael was surprised that the person he invited on the phone with said “Yes”. It just made sense to me that it would be Jan!

  8. I’m with you Kismet! No surprise at all that it would be Jan…the phone call immediately followed the conversation with Jim about going back to the one that broke your heart. For Michael…that’s Jan! :)

    It was all very strongly implied that it would be Jan, imho.

  9. Aww I can’t believe they spoiled that on TV, that sucks for people who didn’t want to know, but it seemed most obvious who it would be. Especially, as mentioned before, the conversation Michael and Jim had.

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