NBC promos of ‘A Benihana Christmas’

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

  • Promo 1: Shown last Thursday night after ‘My Name is Earl’ on NBC. Ouch. That one hit me where I live. ;)
  • Promo 2: This one focuses on Karen/Pam and Dwight.
    Tipster: carmensandeeago at the LiveJournal Office community.
  • Promo 3: Aired during Sunday night football, and includes quick shots of Angela by herself, and Michael/Jim. They go by pretty fast, so click the Pause button to catch them!


  1. Funny bit with Michael’s Asian girlfriend….sad to hear that “time to put the past behind” line – wonder where that is going?
    If it gets any more tragic…..

  2. Hmm… that Jim line is sad, but it is a talking head, so who knows WHO he is talking about. The little spot in my heart reserved for Jim and Pam might get kicked in the face–but I have faith.

  3. I was LOL at the part about Michael’s new girlfriend!! Hilarious!!

    But unfortunately I was feeling a bit sad about Jim saying “time to put the past behind”. Darnit “JAM” … get your act together!!!!

  4. I am SO excited for this episode. It IS a Christmas Miracle! Question: Is it bad that I’m looking forward to this more than real Christmas?

  5. OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!! Ouch indeed, Jennie!! That might be the most inappropriate thing Michael has ever said. Yikes!!!

  6. Okay, Elisabeth, here you go:

    Announcer: Next Thurs, it’s an all new Office Christmas, at an early time: 8/7 Central

    Dwight: It’s an office miracle!

    Announcer: A one-hour episode critics say you won’t want to miss.

    Michael: Mmyeah!!!

    Announcer: A night…to put the past behind (as Jim and Karen hug)

    Jim: I feel like there’s a chance for me to start over.

    Announcer: A night where love begins.

    Michael: Meet my new girlfriend!

    Michael: Check her out! (pointing)

    Roy: Which one is she?

    Michael: It’s one of those two.

    Announcer: A one-hour Office at an early time: 8/7 Central

    Michael: You know how all waitresses look alike.

    Announcer: Next Thurs on NBC!

  7. I heard that Jim and Karen are still dating when the show starts in the begging of the year, so things are looking really bad for Jam.

  8. Does Michael say “waitresses?” I thought I heard “You know how all Asian women look alike…”??? (which is great, because it’s much more Michael)

  9. Things are looking great for JAM. ;) All this stuff is just reinforcing it. I like Karen, and I like Karen and Jim in the short-term (because I think it’ll help him seem less like a schmuck and Pam get a taste of her own medicine, deserved or not).

    But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s still all about JAM. Not the show, though…the show is all about Steve Carell’s brilliance. I bow to that man’s comic talents.

  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH This is not good!!!!!!!!!! I thought that the last two minutes are going to be “well worth the wait” for Jim and Pam. This is NOT good.!!! I can’t wait a whole week!!!!

  11. Know what I think? I think there’s gonna be a little bit of Roy and Pam in this episode…. if not Roy and Pam, maybe Roy and Angela…? Or MAYBE, Roy and one of the Asian chicks?!?!?!?! Because Roy was definitely at the Christmas party, and I surely wasn’t happy seeing Jim and Karen hug… what on earth could have been so exciting??

  12. Here’s a little synopsis of what I think is going to happen:
    Andy asks Pam to the Christmas party, but she declines saying she already has a date. But, since she really doesn’t have a date, I thinks she finds Roy and asks him to be her date to spite Jim, maybe??

    And also, it sure didn’t look like Jim was very enthusiastic about his “Chance to start over”, because he looked pretty sad and down when he said it. For those of you that read the spoilers, you probably know that he rejects Pam’s present, so maybe this was after he does that…

  13. YES!!!!! score a point for TEAM KAREN.
    a hug kinda sucks though. How bout a holiday kiss instead

  14. Thank you Gilly!!!

    I’m still hoping that Jim just rejects the ugly DM bathrobe that corporate gives everyone…handed to him by Pam….or something.

    Boo Team Karen.

  15. Yeah, I can’t imagine that he would reject a gift to purposely be hurtful. Sighh…. how many more days until Thursday?

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