The Office birthday card at Hallmark

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007 | 27 comments


Hallmark is offering The Office-themed birthday card, complete with audio clip.

The Office Michael Scott Birthday Card

Link: Hallmark cards with sound

Have you guys seen this in stores? What is the audio clip of?

Tipster: phyllis*farm


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  1. 27. kelseroo  

    I bought that card, and the audio clip is his quote from the christmas episode season 2. It goes something like this: “Reverse Psychology is an awesome tool. I don’t know if you guys know about it, but, basically, you make someone think the opposite of what you believe, and that tricks them into doing something stupid. Works like a charm.”

  2. 26. Valerie  

    I work at Hallmark, and there actually used to be at least one other of Michael Scott, and I think 2 more with Dwight. One of Dwight’s cards started with…”Women are like wolves…”. The Christmas Card where Michael says “Hey man, I love you, this many dollars worth” used to be a birthday card. And I can’t remember which other one Dwight had. But it’s amazing how much Steve Carell has become a pop culture figure—there’s a “40 year old virgin” card right next to The Office Birthday card. And, there’s TWO slots for The Office card, which is UNUSUAL. No other cards have two slots.

  3. 25. Daniel  

    They had a couple Office Christmas cards with sound. One with a gift card thing inside saying something about Christmas is about saying ‘Hey I love you this many dollars worth’ and another one saying that Xmas is the best day of all time. 4 things in one day. I got the last one for a friend of mine, she loved it.

  4. 24. jennifer  

    i can’t find it at my local store :(

  5. 23. samikay  

    This card is neat in theory, but it’s really loud. And it had that “too loud crackle” that made me kind of wince.

    It’s cute though.

    And the action figures would be so cute.

  6. 22. Abby  

    Hey folks – I went directly to the Hallmark store last night after work and bought this! They also have a 40-Year Old Virgin birthday card with a picture of Steve’s character getting waxed and on the inside, him yelling someone of the things he yelled in the scene. I think it says “It’s your birthday, let ‘er rip” or something like that! It’s equally hilarious, especially when you’re standing in the card store with other people around ;)

  7. 21. Matt  

    I got this card…the quote is as follows from the christmas episode last year,
    “Reverse Psycology is an awesome tool….i dont know if you guys have heard
    about it but basically you say the opposite of what you want to make the other
    person think the opposite way…works like a charm.”

  8. 20. HYP3R6IR1  

    I just bought this card for myself for my birthday this past weekend!

  9. 19. Stephanie  

    I got this card for my 16th birthday! I think it was my favorite present, better than the diamond circle necklace. The best birthday card ever!

  10. 18. Kerry  

    It was dawesome.

  11. 17. phyllis*farm  

    Righteous. On both fronts. :)

  12. 16. tanster  

    I fixed the link for you, no worries. That’s what I’m here for. :)

    I’m going to send your link to my contact at NBC …

  13. 15. phyllis*farm  

    I know, tanster, that style would so work. I could just imagine my desk cluttered with these small, inanimate Dunder Mifflinites.

    And Series 2…wait for it…Halloween! Three-Hole Punch Jim, Meow Pam, Deuce-Headed Michael, and, of course, Darth Schrute.

    BTW, did I code the link correctly or did you have to fix it for me? Just for future knowledge, you know.

  14. 14. tanster  

    phyllis*farm, those are SO cute.

  15. 13. ken  

    I agree with Liz Lemon. I WANT OFFICE ACTION FIGURES!!!!!!!!

  16. 12. phyllis*farm  

    “If anyone at NBC reads this, I’m putting out my own request for The Office action figures. Because that would be awesome and I would buy all of them.”

    I always thought the Inaction Figure style done for Kevin Smith’s movie figs would translate well to The Office:

    Inaction Figures

  17. 11. Carly  

    I got this card for my birthday in March… I was thinking of scanning it in, but was too lazy. Oh, and I’m selfish and prefer to keep Michael’s beauteous voice all to myself.

  18. 10. tanster  

    Awesome, thanks HallmarkScoop!

  19. 9. HallmarkScoop  

    It might be worthwhile for Office fans to check back in the store closer to Boss’ Day and I think you may find something to your liking. Also, sound cards will be featured at Hallmark again after Mother’s Day and it may be worth checking the front of store display for a couple of new designs (including one with Dwight on the front).

    Those are just random guesses of course. d8^)

  20. 8. FutureMrsHalpert  

    This card is awesome! I have bought it at least three times for the bdays of my fellow office fanatics.

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