‘The Office’ blueprints

The Office Blueprint

Being the complete geek I am for ‘The Office,’ I was super excited when tipster Ed emailed me about this.

Here are ‘The Office’ blueprints (PDF) created by set designer Jeff Beck in April 2008!

Every door, desk, and wall of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton set, now available for your scrutinizing pleasure.

Granted, it is a bit out-of-date, in that it still shows a desk for Devon, a picture of Pam and Roy sits at reception, and there is no sales desk for Pam, but I think the general layout is still pretty accurate. (Please post comments on any other interesting details you notice!)

Ed told me “I am going to use them to make a 3d digital model of the set, I will send pictures when it is finished.”

Sounds cool!

What will YOU do with these blueprints?

These blueprints are made available to OfficeTally with explicit permission from Jeff Beck and NBC. Thanks so much to both!

Tipster: Ed


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