The Office Board Games

Here is a list of all The Office board games released since the beginning of the show.

The Office Trivia Game SequelThe Office Trivia Game Sequel (2010)
This is just like the original, but incorporates Seasons 4-6 with updated questions and characters!

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The Office Monopoly GameThe Office Monopoly Game (2010)
The Office Monopoly Game combines the classic deal making game with popular items and locations from The Office!

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The Office Clue GameThe Office Clue Game (2009)
You must determine WHO “killed” Toby, with WHAT office weapon and WHERE the crime occurred.

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The Office Trivia GameThe Office Trivia Game (2008)
Test your show knowledge by answering trivia questions and visiting favorite Dunder Mifflin characters’ cubes.

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The Office DVD Board GameThe Office DVD Board Game (2008)
Answer trivia questions using your DVD remote control and moving around the game board.

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  1. I was wondering when they’d come out with this. I can’t wait to get it. Thanks, Tanster, for posting!

  2. Ahh! Sounds so much fun. I want both of them. But I highly doubt any of my friends would want to play the trivia game with me. ;)

  3. i love jim’s old school hair on his game piece! if i can’t get my husband to play trivial pursuit with me how will i get him to play this?

  4. btw, tanster or other tallyheads: does anyone have any input on which game is better? thanks!

  5. The DVD board game definitely wins because Toby narrates the game! I don’t know if it’s Paul Lieberstein or someone who sounds just like him, but it’s cool.

  6. The DVD game is really fun! Except I don’t know why the description says $1.00 in Schrutebucks, because in the game it says players have to have 20 Schrutebucks (and make it all the way around to Michael’s office) to win. Maybe there’s some kind of currency exchange there: $1.00=20 Schrutebucks?

    My favorites are the little game pieces. They have almost all the characters! Except in the tutorial, Toby reminds us that not “everyone can be Jim.”

  7. Does anyone have the games and want to review them? I can’t decide which one I want!

  8. I AM SO getting that trivia game, and I expect fully to be made fun of by my family and friends, oh well! :)

  9. Someone just bought both of them. Me. It was me. I bought both of them. I don’t think they’ll arrive for a while though.

  10. you can also get the DVD board game at for 24.99 i believe. not sure about it being in-store

  11. That’s a ridiculous question, Dundie All-Star. Everyone know that the value of one SchruteBuck is one one-thousandth of a cent.

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