1. yay!
    i have purchased a michael and dwight bobblehead but not online so how will i get the link?

  2. They actually look really good. Being a baseball fan, I’ve seen some pretty bad replicates of players in bobblehead form. But they really look like Angela, Brian and Mindy. Nice!

  3. Oh. My. God. Angela has a Sprinkles!! Now if I can just figure out a way to afford all of them!!

    I’m excited that they’re sending emails to people who’ve bought the Dwight and Michael bobbleheads to try to keep them from people who would sell them on Ebay (“try” being the key word). I hope everyone gets the bobbleheads they want!

  4. Those are the coolest things!! I’m sure I’ll end up buying them, but I can see it now…five years down the road I’ll probably be selling them at a yard sale!

  5. Awesome!! I also noticed that there will be a Ryan one coming out soon, complete with a beard and a Dundie!

  6. I bought my bobble heads at the actual NBC store in NYC. I guess that doesn’t count towards the hidden link, does it?

  7. I wonder if they’ll also be available at the NBC booth during Comic Con? Great news. My “stuttering” Michael can use new faces. He refuses to talk to Dwight and Comic Con Dwight.

  8. Awesome! My Dwight bobblehead is my favorite thing on my desk – I can’t wait to get another one!

  9. And just to add, I’m super curious if we’ll get old school Pam with the tied back, curly hair? Or fancy new Beesly? Can’t wait.

  10. Kevin’s is just…creepy. But in that “I want him staring at me from atop my fridge” kinda way.

  11. Eek! This is so exciting! I love my Dwight bobblehead; he kept me going through all those tough grad schools papers. His mighty presence on my desk helped me karate-chop my way to the end.

  12. I have the same question that it seems a few other people had as well: does the link apply to those of us who didn’t get our bobbleheads online?
    I got the Dwight bobblehead at the NBC store in NYC, too! (Actually got to meet Conan on the tour… it was insane)

  13. I wish I liked bobbleheads. But at least these will go to OfficeHeads that will really appreciate them. ^_^

  14. I. Want. Them. All. I don’t care how geeky it will look to have them all on display in my apartment, or how many people will make fun of me – I’m doing it anyway! Can’t wait!

  15. Wow, these are extremely good likenesses. And the detail is terrific. They seem more in the class of the original bobblehead that Angela gave Dwight on the show.

  16. Angela and Kevin look pretty freakin’ awesome! But I would stick with the Dwight bobble head.

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