The Office bobbleheads

Monday, September 13th, 2010 | 289 comments


Remember that, with the exception of Dwight, Michael, Pam, Andy, and Jim, all other bobbleheads are limited editions.

Here’s the entire collection of The Office Bobbleheads:

The Office Bobbleheads

Links: Buy bobbleheads at the NBC Store | Unboxing videos | News archive

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  1. 289. Tony  

    It’s sad to see that this will be the last season. Time to stock up on bobbleheads, if they are still available that is!

  2. 288. Lynda Thams  

    Cool Bobbleheads, in the main Office cast Jim is my favorite but my ultimate favorite character is Robert California…when are they going to make a Robert California Bobblehead. If they did, I’d buy it definitely.

  3. 287. Bigshoes  

    These are super cute and funny! I want an entire collection of this. This will be a good Christmas gift to everyone in our office.

  4. 286. Dwight K. Schrute  

    Buy me or I’ll jump out of a snowman and rain hell upon you. Merry Christmas!

  5. 285. Clockwise  

    Backpacker, I’ve been trying to use my $10 off coupon from the Season 6 DVD all month and it has never worked, even when I tried it on different bobbleheads. I have a friend who is having the same problem. I followed all the instructions and it says it doesn’t expire until 12/31. I tried contacting customer support a week and a half ago and haven’t heard anything from them. :(

  6. 284. Anthony  

    Got my Jim bobblehead and it’s funny that he’s shorter than the Pam bobblehead

  7. 283. Backpacker  

    Has anyone used the $10 Off Bobblehead coupon code that came with the last seasons DVD lately? I tried to use mine on the Kelly Bobblehead a few days ago and it wouldn’t work. Is it expired already, or is there some trick to it?

  8. 282. Daniel  

    I’ve Pre-ordered my Jim Bobblehead! Looks like he’ll be shipping the week after Thanksgiving! :)

    Is there some kind of underground way I haven’t heard of, to get a Kevin? The only ones I’ve seen have been on eBay for $100…I know he sold out, but any plans for a re-release that anyone has heard of? If not, I own the other 15, and would really love to have a Kevin to complete the set.

    What would be great, is for them to release a Series II (Jan, Holly, Gabe, Erin, Jo…) and include Kevin as a bonus, or something. ;)

  9. 281. cjames  

    has anyone pre-ordered the jim halpert bobblehead? there is not an “add to cart” button on their website. the availability is “pre-release”

  10. 280. Glen  

    I’m probably not alone here, but I’m also looking to get my hands on a Kevin bobblehead (with box). If anyone has one that they are willing to let go – I would pay a very high price for one – please contact me at

  11. 279. Jody  

    The Jim bobblehead is now available for pre-sale!! :) I just ordered mine! Yay!! Now my Pam bobblehead won’t be lonely.

  12. 278. Larry  

    Does anyone know if they are making more Kevin Bobbleheads??????????????????

  13. 277. Dallas  

    Can anyone tell me if Kevin will be made available for purchase again in the future? I really wanted his bobblehead…

  14. 276. Jody  

    [from tanster: thanks, saw that!]

  15. 275. Hanley  

    C’MON NBC, get on the ball for the Erin and Gabe bobbleheads!

  16. 274. Sarah R.  

    I wonder if they’ll come out with a Dwight 2.0 like they did with Michael. The original is definitely a classic but looks a bit cartoonish compared to more recently released ones. I’d love a more realistic Dwight, too.

  17. 273. Alison  

    Please, oh please, Jim bobblehead! Come out in time for me to use the coupon that came with my season 6 dvd! :)

  18. 272. Breezy  

    Hey all, are some of these discontinued? Kevin is NOWHERE on

  19. 271. pbennett  

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  20. 270. mo money, mo problems, stanley  

    now that the final main character is planned, will we see a Mose bobblehead?

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