The Office: Body Language, 6.23

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The Office Body Language

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Mindy Kaling

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch together to Donna (guest star Amy Pietz), the manager of a local restaurant. But Michael keeps misreading the signals she’s putting out. Meanwhile, Dwight encourages Kelly to try out for the minority training program.

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In a poll conducted April 29-May 3, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.93/10

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The Office Body Language quotes

Michael: This would be a healing thing for all of North America.

Dwight: I have it on very good authority that within 20 years, everyone will be speaking German. Or a Chinese-German hybrid.

Oscar: Your office is full of genitalia.

Michael: Eso es lo que dice el.
Oscar: That’s what he says?

Dwight: If you want people to put the best face on something, why would you get two people who probably have never cut the face off of anything in their lives?

Jim: I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Michael: Did somebody order a hooker over here?

Donna: You have some ancestors in common. Somewhere back.
Angela: I knew it. You should see their baby.

Gabe: You have to be a minority.
Dwight: Uh, glasses wearers, cholera survivors, geniuses, non-organic family farmers, the list goes on and on. You want me to keep going?

Darryl: Maybe one day I’ll be sitting in Michael’s chair. Wouldn’t that be something.

Dwight: How many Indian CEOs can you think of?
Kelly: I can’t think of any CEOs, any race.

Dwight: You could be the Indian Bill Gates. You could be the Indian Ted Turner.
Kelly: I could be the Indian Julia Roberts!

Michael: Those are Shrek-green eyes.

Jim: Maybe you shouldn’t try to kiss people at work.

Donna: I work in the nightlife industry, I get hit on all the time. In my 20s, it would have been annoying. In my late 20s, I find it really flattering.

Pam: Good luck, wingman.

Kelly: Indian guys always wear their cell phones outside their pants. It’s so dorky.

Dwight: 911, hello, Scranton Strangler’s in the house. Inside the house!

Creed: You ever notice you can only ooze two things? Sexuality and pus. Man I tell ya.

Michael: Sometimes, it makes financial sense to lose money.

Oscar: In this case, it makes more financial sense to gain money.

Dwight: If you’d have told me this morning that today I’d be creating a monster capable of my own destruction, I’d have thought you were referring to the bull Mose and I are trying to reanimate.

Kevin: Now you know how I feel sitting next to those M&Ms all day.
Andy: Well, why don’t you just move the M&Ms?
Kevin: Well why don’t you shut up?!

Pam: Most printer sales are done over the phone, Ms. Boob Shirt.

Michael: What sort of movie would Rudy have been, if he had just stopped and given up after two rejections? Would have been a lot shorter. Probably been a lot funnier.

Darryl: I’ve got my whole life to be a minority executive. I only have a year left in these knees, though.

Dwight: I wasn’t talking to you, Pale Face.

Stanley: I’ll slap you in the face with a rainbow.

Dwight: Speaking of rainbows, Oscar, you are kind of a double minority. Gay.

Kelly: For hobbies, yoga, belly dancing, snake charming, beds of nails, I like lying on them.

Hide: In Japan, heart surgeon, number one. Steady hand.

Michael: Was it the cleavage?
Pam: Yeah, and the shoulder cut-outs.

Andy: She’s touching around down there. It’s easy to get confused.

Erin: Should I put it in the lost and found for 14 days and then I can take it home?

Michael: Oh, you’re still here. I have your baguette.

Kelly: I’ll never forget everything that you’ve done for me. Because I never forget anything.

Dwight: Just once, I would like to be a puppetmaster and have nothing go wrong. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. I loved this episode. I was cracking up so much that my family was wondering what was wrong with me. A great way to take away my stress from a project.

  2. What in the world are the writers doing to Jim and Pam? I know there’s no more “will they won’t they” sexual tension anymore now that they’re married, but come on! Have them team up and prank Dwight or something. They’re aren’t fun to watch together right now.

  3. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I loved it.
    Pam is so funny and cute now I love it
    Favorite line:
    “You guys probably have some ancestors in common.”
    “I know. You should see their baby.”

  4. I didn’t really like this episode. It was too awkward. Pam wasn’t herself. And Donna was sure out in the parking lot for a long time. But at the end, where they didn’t believe Michael was funny.

  5. Huge improvement over last week–that episode was golden. I loved it! Michael is the best!! lol

  6. I gotta watch it one more time because sometimes I miss things on the first viewing, but there was some solid directing from Mindy. Some great laughs with Dwight’s plotting and Michael’s flirting too.

  7. I love love loved every single thing about this episode! Third best of the season, behind Niagara and Delivery. Kelly and Dwight were hilarious, this Gabe character is growing on me – he’s so funny! Michael was completely awkward in a good way, and Jim and Pam were adorable. It was great to see the other characters involved in the background too. It was great all around and had me laughing the entire time.

  8. I really loved Pam in this episode. I thought she was adorable and sweet.

    And I thought Jim/Pam were funny together.

  9. I didn’t really enjoy that episode. I barely laughed. Though, Kevin’s M&M’s line was the best! I literally lol’d!

    Not enough Andy for me. He’s the only reason I still watch this show!

  10. The cold open was funny, and I really liked Kevin talking about his M&Ms, but overall, not a great episode. Michael was too awkward even for Michael, and Pam is just not funny anymore. I hope next year really is the last season, it’s getting tired.

  11. Didn’t really love this ep. I agree Shannen 11-not enough Andy. I know the Jam fans will like this one but it really didn’t do it for me. Seemed like more of a filler episode than a solid story ep. Also, after what happened with Erin and Andy last week there was nothing this week about the situation. Plus, Erin just went back to the old Erin. I wonder if this episode is a precursor to Gabe being fired for being incompetent and sending Kelly to the Executive Training program will be the last straw. 6/10

  12. This is now the 3rd time they’ve mentioned the Scranton Strangler this season…first during the birth episode with Andy’s baby gift, 2nd in Happy Hour with Dwight and Isabel leaving the bar, and now tonight with Dwight again. I’m slightly concerned that this isn’t just coincidence.

  13. I loved this episode. Dwight was great. For the first time in a while, everyone seemed completely in character and nobody was too “over the top”. Good use of the entire cast, including Gabe & Erin. Left me satisfied and smiling.

  14. Am I the only one that thinks Pam was really weird in tonight’s episode? What was up with that? Not only the way that she was acting, but how she looked too.

    Loved the scene with Dwight, Oscar, Stanley, and Erin in the background in the kitchen. Hilarious!! I also loved when Michael said “Here’s your baguette” in the parking lot. So classic!

  15. Best line:
    Kevin-“Now you know how I feel about those M&Ms!” I literally cracked up for a good few minutes.
    Great episode.

  16. Could that have been anymore awkward? What a great Pam episode. The best part was the cold open, thanks to the post it notes.

  17. Got my fingers crossed that they are just going to drop the Andy/Erin plot line entirely. It’s absence here made this episode 100% better. Jim and Pam were actually funny together rather than Jim joking while Pam stares at him in disbelief. Nice in the office episode.

  18. A really fun episode. Michael making people squirm is Michael at his best, and how fun was it that he turned out to be right? Loved the Dwight/Kelly plot. Kelly may not be smart, but she can be manipulative with the best of them, and Dwight needs to remember that. Loved Pam torn between reading the situation accurately and second guessing herself, and just simply wanting to save Michael the pain. Loved the Jim/Pam exchanges. And, thank goodness, very little Erin/Andy. Of that “romance” little goes a long way.

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