The Office: Body Language, 6.23

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The Office Body Language

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Mindy Kaling

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch together to Donna (guest star Amy Pietz), the manager of a local restaurant. But Michael keeps misreading the signals she’s putting out. Meanwhile, Dwight encourages Kelly to try out for the minority training program.

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In a poll conducted April 29-May 3, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.93/10

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The Office Body Language quotes

Michael: This would be a healing thing for all of North America.

Dwight: I have it on very good authority that within 20 years, everyone will be speaking German. Or a Chinese-German hybrid.

Oscar: Your office is full of genitalia.

Michael: Eso es lo que dice el.
Oscar: That’s what he says?

Dwight: If you want people to put the best face on something, why would you get two people who probably have never cut the face off of anything in their lives?

Jim: I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Michael: Did somebody order a hooker over here?

Donna: You have some ancestors in common. Somewhere back.
Angela: I knew it. You should see their baby.

Gabe: You have to be a minority.
Dwight: Uh, glasses wearers, cholera survivors, geniuses, non-organic family farmers, the list goes on and on. You want me to keep going?

Darryl: Maybe one day I’ll be sitting in Michael’s chair. Wouldn’t that be something.

Dwight: How many Indian CEOs can you think of?
Kelly: I can’t think of any CEOs, any race.

Dwight: You could be the Indian Bill Gates. You could be the Indian Ted Turner.
Kelly: I could be the Indian Julia Roberts!

Michael: Those are Shrek-green eyes.

Jim: Maybe you shouldn’t try to kiss people at work.

Donna: I work in the nightlife industry, I get hit on all the time. In my 20s, it would have been annoying. In my late 20s, I find it really flattering.

Pam: Good luck, wingman.

Kelly: Indian guys always wear their cell phones outside their pants. It’s so dorky.

Dwight: 911, hello, Scranton Strangler’s in the house. Inside the house!

Creed: You ever notice you can only ooze two things? Sexuality and pus. Man I tell ya.

Michael: Sometimes, it makes financial sense to lose money.

Oscar: In this case, it makes more financial sense to gain money.

Dwight: If you’d have told me this morning that today I’d be creating a monster capable of my own destruction, I’d have thought you were referring to the bull Mose and I are trying to reanimate.

Kevin: Now you know how I feel sitting next to those M&Ms all day.
Andy: Well, why don’t you just move the M&Ms?
Kevin: Well why don’t you shut up?!

Pam: Most printer sales are done over the phone, Ms. Boob Shirt.

Michael: What sort of movie would Rudy have been, if he had just stopped and given up after two rejections? Would have been a lot shorter. Probably been a lot funnier.

Darryl: I’ve got my whole life to be a minority executive. I only have a year left in these knees, though.

Dwight: I wasn’t talking to you, Pale Face.

Stanley: I’ll slap you in the face with a rainbow.

Dwight: Speaking of rainbows, Oscar, you are kind of a double minority. Gay.

Kelly: For hobbies, yoga, belly dancing, snake charming, beds of nails, I like lying on them.

Hide: In Japan, heart surgeon, number one. Steady hand.

Michael: Was it the cleavage?
Pam: Yeah, and the shoulder cut-outs.

Andy: She’s touching around down there. It’s easy to get confused.

Erin: Should I put it in the lost and found for 14 days and then I can take it home?

Michael: Oh, you’re still here. I have your baguette.

Kelly: I’ll never forget everything that you’ve done for me. Because I never forget anything.

Dwight: Just once, I would like to be a puppetmaster and have nothing go wrong. Is that too much to ask?

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