The Office: Business Trip, 5.08

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The Office Business Trip

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael is ecstatic when David Wallace decides to send him on a business trip to Canada. Andy and Oscar become unlikely friends when Michael decides to bring them along on the trip.

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In a poll conducted Nov. 10-17, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.17/10

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The Office Business Trip quotes

Michael: In Japan, you must always commit suicide to avoid embarrassment.

Michael: I have always been intrigued by all things international. The women, the pancakes, the man of mystery.

Michael: I am ashamed at your naked face.

Michael: You are now sexy in your culture.

Jim: Everyone here has just been so excited for me. And involved. And intrusive. And weird.

Michael: I think I am going to have a filet with mushroom sauce.

David: In terms of nightlife, when you get there, just ask the concierge.

Michael: Two are empty for souvenirs.

Dwight: Do you want to get robbed in a foreign country?

Michael: Welcome to Cribs — Business Class Edition.

Andy: Michael G. Scott, rolling like a pimp!

Michael: Do you have a bag of baby poop in there, too, to share with everybody?

Kelly: What are we doing, this is so wrong.

Andy: Follow moi, bro-sieur.

Michael: A concierge is the Winnipeg equivalent of a geisha.

Pam: I-I hate computers.

Pam: Can you do another three months of this?

Michael: Concierge Marie. Michael Scott.

Andy: Those two dudes are as good as naked.

Andy: Beer me dos Long Island iced teas, s’il vous plaĆ®t. Bad decision in a glass.

Andy: A guy needs intercourse.

Andy: You will thank me when they spank thee.

Oscar: How could anyone stand that woman?

Andy: What is wrong with you?

Oscar: Why won’t you do Andy?

Andy: I want to take you to sex school.

Jim: How does everyone know already?

Dwight: Who is that, monkey?

Dwight: Last I checked, that’s not an office building in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Andy: Long Island iced teas are way stronger in Canada.

Andy: Get the whole nine ‘nards.

Andy: That was real?! — I thought I dreamed that.

Ryan: All you have to do is press “Send.”

Andy: She’s taking us back to first base.

Andy: I get to kiss her forehead.

Andy: Wingman for life. W.M.F.L.

Andy: You up for a chest bump? Bro hug?

Michael: The trip sucked, David. It blew chunks.

Michael: Why did you send her away? That was a really sucky thing to do.

Michael: I could be making more money as a doctor or a professional athlete.

Pam: I’m coming back the wrong way.

Jim: Welcome back.

Kelly: We’re back together again, baby.

Quotes from deleted scenes

Michael: In England, they say “hi!” In China, they say “hi-yaaaah!”

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  1. Ahhhh! Perfection! I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this episode, so many good lines, awesome emotional perfection of JAM, and Andy and Oscar! I loved it.

  2. I loved it!! I was upset at first about JAM, but the ending was worth it. I loved how Pam kept saying it wasn’t because of him because she knew Jim would feel guilty. Great episode!

  3. Didn’t laugh much in this episode, but the story line was GREAT. I loved the Andy/Oscar interaction and Michael calling Wallace out!

  4. This episode was really, really sweet. I adored it. Andy and Oscar were adorable, Michael was so vulnerable, and Jim and Pam… can’t say I wasn’t expecting it, but I can still say that I loved it. I can’t stop smiling.

    “And he was delightful!”

  5. @ officeisms1978, yeah I enjoyed this episode too. It was a very different Office. I guess this season is just all about the relationships. It’s definitely not classic Office, but I’ll take it.
    Creed’s creepy hand massaging Jim’s shoulder was the funniest thing this season.
    Oh and, um, just to say what we’re all thinking…man is Jim hot this season! (Ha, I suck).

  6. YAY to the writers for not having everyone in Canada saying “eh” and wearing winter coats! Those are stereotypes, people! :D

  7. I agree with comment #1! Although a lot was based on relationships again, I think it sets up for a great looking episode next week. And I can’t say how happy I was when I saw that Pam was back. Oh, and how could I forget about Ryan and Kelly! That was perfect!

  8. Best episode this season! I loved Andy & Oscar’s storyline. Just awesome on so many levels.

    Must. Fight. Urge. To change name to Concierge Marie.

  9. Definitely didn’t enjoy this one too much. It was pretty bland in the humour department. But it got sweet towards the end with Jim & Pam and stuff.

    As a Canadian, I’m pretty thrilled they didn’t spoof us too badly. the french accent and words were a little incorrect on Andy’s part, but I can handle that. Could have turned out alot better, and keeping all the Canadian scenes inside the airport or hotel didn’t really do much justice.

  10. I loved this episode. At first I was really angry because I thought they were going to keep JAM away for even longer but then I hoped that she would come back for him and she did! I can’t wait until next week when she is back at the reception desk. It will be a great breath of fresh air.

  11. LOVED the Oscar/Andy storyline and relationship–Ed & Oscar were PERFECT at acting drunk…is there any chance they really were, haha? Because it was that good.

    I loved the strain in Michael’s voice when he asked David Wallace how he could send Holly away…

    Ryan is such a jerk…and now he is back with Kelly. He deserves that (but she deserves better).

    And last but not least…Jim & Pam. What a moment. The sunlight was perfect. And his face as he reacted….even more perfect!

    Great & lovely episode. =)

  12. gotta love jim and pam :)

    and i loved, loved, loved michael missing holly. him calling david wallace was the best. did he sort of admit that he loved holly?

    awesome episode. still miss amy ryan.

  13. Amazing. Not laugh out loud but still.. the acting was SUPERB. Jkras and andy/oscar and pam and MICHAEL! That phone call was so heart breaking. His whole story line was sad but just endearing.
    What a wonderful episode.

  14. Of course, the JAM moments were awesome. So proud of Jim, he would have suffered through another 12 weeks for her.

    Andy + Oscar = Hilarious! I hope we see more of that, they were both funny drunks!

    Angela is going to break his heart though. I feel bad about that…

    Overall, very pleasing episode!

  15. The best episode of the year!!! There wasn’t one bad part to the episode at all. Everybody was on their game for this one. The best part was probably the Andy and Oscar scene at the bar!

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