1. Catch Kate Flannery tomorrow night at 8pm in Hollywood at iO West. She’ll perform with Scot Robinson and the two created The Lampshades. They’ve been putting up this awful lounge act for 5 years.

    Tickets are $10 and the show is at 8pm, 6366 Hollywood Blvd.

  2. A month ago, I looked at the calendar on http://www.officetally.com and saw where Ed Helms is hosting and performing in the LA Bluegrass Situation May 3-6. I can’t thank you enough for posting this because I don’t know if I would have known about it otherwise. I already have tickets to the May 3, 4, and 6 events. Up until March 1, I had plans to attend Paleyfest. When the Office panel got canceled, however, I decided to cancel the entire trip to the festival. Then along comes this bluegrass festival co-sponsored by the one Office cast member I wanted to see in the first place! Sometimes it is worth saving your time, energy and money for later. Thanks again.

    [ from tanster: awesome! thanks for posting! :) ]

  3. Jenna is on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight and John is on tomorrow! Hopefully they’ll mention the wrap party!

    [from tanster: me too me too!]

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