She Said, She Said

Since I’ve seen this pondered on other Office fansites, I thought it would be interesting to start our own OfficeTally discussion.

The question is: in the final minutes of Casino Night, what does Pam’s mom say on the phone?

1. Mom: ?
2. Pam: About ten minutes ago.
3. Mom: ?
4. Pam: No, I didn’t know what to say.
5. Mom: ?
6. Pam: Yes, I know.
7. Mom: ?
8. Pam: Um, I don’t know, Mom, he’s my best friend.
9. Mom: ?
10. Pam: Yeah, he’s great.
11. Mom: ?
12. Pam: Yeah, I think I am.
13. Mom: ?
14. Pam: Um, I have to go.
15. Mom: ?
16. Pam: I will.

What’s your take? Specifically, #11? I’ve read everything from “Are you in love with him?” to “Do you think you’re pregnant?”


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