‘The Office’ cast at ‘The Promotion’ screening

Here are some photos of ‘The Office’ cast at last night’s special Hollywood screening of Jenna Fischer’s movie, “The Promotion.”

The movie opens next Friday, June 6th in New York, LA, and Chicago, and then opens in wide release on June 12th.

Tipster: Ileana

Jenna Fischer


  1. I love how Creed is wearing a Dunder Mifflin jacket.. haha.

    Jenna looks stunning, I adore her dress.

  2. They’re all so supportive. Wish John was there or even Angela, but she just had the baby so I’m not surprised.

    [from tanster: actually, angela was there! i just don’t have any photos of her … ]

  3. I love this cast!
    Jenna looks so pretty, Melora looks gorgeous (and I admire anyone who can wear that much white for more than 5 seconds without staining it), and Creed’s jacket is awesome. Oscar’s shirt is a little scary.
    I second the wishes for Angela pictures and John’s presence

  4. How awesome is Creed?! Seriously. What a stud. Kate/Meredith is quite lovely when she’s all made up like that. Oscar’s smile seems so warm & genuine…he seems like a very nice guy. Thumbs up to the awesome supportive Office cast!!

  5. Dayum, Jenna looks amazing!
    & a million & one high fives to Melora for wearing all that white AFTER Easter and BEFORE Labor Day.

  6. Jenna looks so beautiful. I love how the cast members are such great friends and always there for each other. Thank you for posting!

  7. Jenna, Melora, and Kate all look fab. How nice of them all to come out to support her!

    Creed’s jacket is pretty awesome.

  8. It is so great the way this cast supports one another. Jenna looks gorgeous as usual.

  9. The pics are wonderful. What a great bunch they are. Thanks for sharing the photos!

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