The Office cast talks about the Christmas episode

The Office cast talks about the final Christmas episode, Dwight Christmas.

Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski talk about the final Office Christmas episode.

Jenna Fischer talks about this week’s episode and fondly remembers her Christmas traditions at home and at work.

Angela Kinsey talks about this week’s Christmas episode.

Ellie Kemper talks about why she loves this year’s Christmas episode so much.

4 thoughts on “The Office cast talks about the Christmas episode”

  1. Well, I am so looking forward to this last Christmas episode. Sounds like it will be interesting. Never heard of the this homeless Santa type person. Hope never to run into him either!

  2. So Andy is gone for another 3 weeks now? (based on what Kemper said). They are really taking him right out of the season really. By the time he comes back, Pete and Erin might be a serious thing. I hope Andy gets over it quickly because I’d rather see him being funny and not being a douche. Andy was able to get over Angela cheating on him so maybe he will find a way to do it again (not saying Erin and Pete will literally do anything, but you know what I mean).

  3. I hope the comment about Andy being away for “three more weeks” just refers to The Office’s scheduled mini-hiatus over Christmas and not three actual episodes. He could have circumnavigated the globe by now!

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