The Office: Casual Friday, 5.26

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The Office Casual Friday

Writer: Anthony Farrell, Director: Brent Forrester

Summary (NBC): Michael has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term “casual” Fridays too loosely.

Meredith’s Revealing Casual Friday

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In a poll conducted April 30-May 4, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.95/10

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The Office Casual Friday quotes

Michael: I just want a tiny, microscopic version of that.

Michael: I set the rules and you follow them. Blindly, okay?

Meredith: Don’t fall in love with me, kid.

Phyllis: Close your mouth, sweetie, you look like a trout.

Angela: I don’t need to see Oscar’s toes at work!

Toby: So no, I wouldn’t say I have a passion for HR.

Dwight: You are going to want to HEAT my words.

Dwight: Urine. It was urine.

Andy: All my files are now in reverse alphabetical order.

Andy: Oh, it is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.

Dwight: Her face is okay, but …

Meredith: I thought there might be a dogfight or something …

Jim: Of course. What is like a hostage?

Dwight: No, pictures are too interpretive.

Michael: I am not to be truffled with.

Ryan: You gotta crack some skulls. Chiklis style.

Ryan: Chiklis Shield style. Not Commish style.

Dwight: It’s pony.

Kelly: Damn it, Meredith, where are your panties?!

Jim: With Creed. Playing chess. At work. He’s winning. I feel like I’m describing a dream I had.

Phyllis: You always said we were a family. Then you went after us.

Dwight: Gasp. Are you talking about a secret meeting?

Michael: So from the bottom of my heart, to the top of my heart, I am sorry.

Michael: My gift to you, complimentary white chocolate bark.

Michael: You are not reacting at all as I had hoped.

Darryl: What’d I tell you about building forts in my warehouse?

Michael: Honey! I want you to bring the garbage out!

Michael: It is what you would call a classic difficult decision.

Andy: You’re dressed like this amorphous blob of khaki.

Pam: Maybe you shouldn’t fake fire people anymore.

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  1. Yeah! All the clients are back at Dunder Mifflin, Pam got the sales job, and Erin keeps her job!!

  2. I LOVED IT! that was one of my fave!! haha dwight with the secret pee notes! I can’t wait to re-watch it :)

  3. Did that seem more like season 2 to anyone else? It had a certain feel to it and I appreciated that. Maybe it was the ensemble cast. I really liked that episode.

  4. I’m getting a little tired of Dwight, but all in all it was a very good episode. I got lots of laughs from Jim’s interactions with people (which has always been one of the show’s biggest strengths, IMO).

    Prediction: Ryan works in the warehouse. That would be amazing.

  5. Lol, Kevin had a cold open! Very funny. This episode had kind of a weird vibe for me… I wonder how long the tension is going to keep up. Hopefully Michael has resolved most of it, but the new Michael Scott is really fun!

  6. It was good to see everyone back in the office. Jim hanging out with Creed was hilarious. I was happy to see Michael doing talking heads from his office again. I loved the call back to season 1 with the fake firings. Overall a good episode

  7. 2/Angie – Ryan’s going back to being a temp (that’s what Michael said, that he’d offered Ryan his old temp job and he was mad about it).

    Did that episode fly by, or what? Loved the chess scene – Creed was fantastic. And so great to see Toby back! Yay! We miss you, Toby! (I’m sure it’s not just me, right?)

  8. Darryl’s line about forts was great, Kevin’s reaction to spilling everything was classic, and the ending was hilarious as well. I love this show.

    Oh, and the pic of Toby…bwahahahaha.

  9. Toby: I was at a seminary for a while, but I left cuz I wanted to have sex with this girl named Kathy.


  10. I am glad Pam didn’t go back as being the secretary, but it looks like Erin might not be back for next season. I was hoping to see more interaction between Erin and Andy.

  11. Good episode, but I sort of agree with AndIHaveWorms…the episode seemed kind of disjointed, so many different unrelated things going on (Jim playing games with Creed? So strange, yet everything with Creed is strange.)

    But, I think the tension was appropriate, it made sense that they would all be pissed about losing their clients and Michael playing favorites with Pam and Ryan. I wonder what will become of Ryan….

  12. I keep dreaming that he’ll make a sale someday.

    The episode moved WAY too fast, IMO.

    But yeah… not one of my favorites tonight. I think I’m scarred for life after the Meredith stuff, LMAO.

  13. Tiffany, that would have been brilliant! After all, the MSPC lasted a few, so it’s only fair they do the mutiny until the end of the season. Or until the next one, because it would have made a great cliffhanger!

  14. This was a classic! I love that Dwight’s idea of casual is taking his tie off. I’m glad Pam is in sales, I love that Toby FINALLY got mad and the best part of all: “What I have told you about making Forts in my warehouse?”

  15. Pam’s been “fired” twice by Michael in this series.

    I don’t think the writers have any idea what to do with Erin. Her lines/appearances are weird…nothing against the actress, it just seems like the character has not received any development and the writers don’t intend to give her any.

  16. Someone needs to smack Phyllis. Ever since she got married, she has treated Pam like dirt. Why does she think she is better than Pam, calling her “secretary” and whatnot? I wish Pam would dump coffee on her stretch pants.

    Enough Phyllis-bashing. The best parts were in the warehouse: Darryl banning forts, Meredith hoping for a dog fight. Hahahaha!

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