The Office: Christening, 7.07

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 | 133 comments


The Office Christening

W: Peter Ocko, D: Alex Hardcastle

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim’s baby, Cece, gets christened and Michael invites the entire office to celebrate.

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The Office Christening trivia


In a poll conducted November 4-8, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.58/10

The Office Christening quotes

Kelly: I heard your mama has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat.

Dwight: Do you have any idea how expensive wool is in Transylvania? ‘Cause of the euro.

Dwight: If Sabre really cared about our well-being, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture, filled with dirt, vomit, fecal matter.

Dwight: I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. Maybe they have something against living forever.

Ryan: I hope you brought your pipes. We’re about to smoke the opium of the masses.

Michael: It’s not a day for just Jim or Pam or the baby or me. It is about us all. And I thought we should all celebrate my joy, and our, and all of our joys.

Andy: Does the Nard Dog want nard pups? Yeah, I want a big ol’ litter of nard pups, all jumping around sucking on the teat. Put ‘em in a box, give ‘em to my neighbors. Yeah, I want kids.

Michael: I got an offer that you can’t refuse. Scooch over.

Michael: Scooch. Before I shoot you in the head.

Michael: You have great seats. Enjoy the show.

Michael: Cece is turning out to be a little b-i-t-c-h.

Ryan: I’ve heard of that place. If you go to Cabo San Lucas, all the prostitutes are from Cabo Corrientes.

Toby: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Jim: Cece, no! No no no, not on the dress! Cece stop!

Ryan: For all their generosity of spirit, they password-protect their wireless?

Michael: I am feeling this. Call it the holy spirit or the passion of the Christ, I am lovin’ these people!

Pam: We’re going to need a loaves and fishes kind of miracle to feed them all!
Angela: Jesus is not your caterer.

Michael: No I insist. After me.

Stanley: This is not the meal I was promised.

Kevin: Sometimes, Michael. Sometimes.

Ryan: Teach for America girls are way hotter. But they’re nuts!

Stanley: I would run to Mexico if that’s where the sandwiches are.

Dwight: You want to know my 11th commandment? I will not be undersold. I am ready to love thy neighbor with these kind of discounts.

Andy: What if the moon was your car and Jupiter was your hair brush?

Jim: I think that was Sconesy Cider. Noted baptism reception critic.

Michael: Let’s go help Africa. Let’s go build an airport. We’ll start small. We’ll have a carwash. We’ll send some cheerleaders to regionals.

Darryl: We are hanging out. Right now. You want some more of this?

Michael: These are church-going people. And they know how to party.

Michael: You’re mean. You’re mean girls. Like the movie “Mean Girls.”

Michael: If you don’t stop worrying so much about what you’re going to put in your gullet, you’re going to die in about a month!

Michael: Tell them that I died and I turned into an angel.

Erin: I wish I had a job that I could just leave.

Andy: Save me an aisle seat, Michael! I’m coming!

Michael: Everybody thinks that I am crazy, and that tells me that I am the sanest person I know.

Toby: Why you always got to be so mean to me?

Andy: Do you smell like a weird, warm cheese?

Jim: Stop that tiny blonde woman! She stole my baby!

Jim: Travel safe, Angela.

Kevin: What kind of a person steals scones from a baby?

Michael: You guys are young, that’s great. You want to give back to society, I’ve done that. I need to take.

Michael: Go save the world. We’ll keep an eye on America for you.

Michael: It is so nice to be back in a country that has movies.

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  1. 113. diahern  

    I liked the episode. It wasn’t the absolute best, but it was one more look into Michael’s search for meaning in his life. Since Whistleblower, the story lines have been more pro-active about him being unhappy with where he’s at in life and wanting more. I’m enjoying this season and can’t wait to see how they wrap all of this up at the end.

    In Fun Run, when Michael is trying to figure out why there’s a curse on the office, he asks everyone what their religion is. Pam and Daryl high-5 because they’re both Presbyterian. Do they christen their babies?

    Oh, and I loved Toby’s line, “Why do you always got to be mean to me?” He left being a priest for his wife that left him which led to his career in HR. Hilarious Toby stuff…

    And, the Arcade Fire tee was amazing…

  2. 112. Kristen H  

    Does anyone else think CeCe looks way older than she is supposed to be? Technically she is about 8 months old, but she looks at least 1 year old

  3. 111. George  

    Michael’s imitating the Godfather was pretty funny too.

  4. 110. scotty_danger  

    I’ll stand up for any Office episode, but this goes down with “The Banker” as an episode that I will not touch again for a while. Every other episode seems to have a bit of heart, but Jim/Pam was cliche filled with stupid, time filling drama and the Andy/Michael/bus segment took so long, yet went nowhere.

  5. 109. S  

    How did the camera crew get on the ROOF of the church? Didn’t seem too realistic to me.

  6. 108. JimisBigBird  

    Honestly, without Jim and Pam i don’t think i’d watch either. That or i wouldn’t care if i missed episodes. Things are/have changed, but i’m alright with that and willing to adapt. This was a decent episode, huge laughs. Nice way to involve Cece. Biggest downside was Michael and Andy on the bus. The cold open was great!

  7. 107. Anth  

    I loved Michael calling Cece a b-i-t-c-h and Angela being so enamored with the baby but overall this really fell flat for me. It wasn’t bad, it just felt like an episode that didn’t work as a standalone yet also didn’t move the story along whatsoever.

  8. 106. NC  

    I thought this was a great episode and laughed out loud many times. 2nd best cold open of the season (after last week’s). Michael calling CeeCee a bitch, Toby’s showdown with God, “stop that tiny blonde woman!” and the scones all had me in stitches. Glad that the supporting characters got their licks in too.

    Negatives: Lost interest in Michael and Andy as soon as they got on the bus. We’ve seen this from Michael too many times and it’s gotten stale. + The Andy/Erin thing is still moving at a snail’s pace and going nowhere.

    To all the people saying ‘worst ever’ I think if this ep came at the start of the season, people would like it a lot more. Seriously, this was better than the dreary ‘Nepotism’ and the stale ‘Andy’s Play.’ However, this was the strongest proof yet that the show’s tone has definitely changed, and that’s jarring for people.

    Michael’s favourite words: Horrible, gullet.

  9. 105. Christina  

    Funny episode! It was great to have another episode outside of the office.

  10. 104. Karen  

    If Jim and Pam were taken out of the mix I wouldn’t even watch the show. I think they have done a nice job incorporating Cece without making it feel unrealistic.

  11. 103. Anthony C.  

    Another great, solid episode! If Season 7 maintains this kind of strength all the way through, it’ll be right on par with Season 2!

    Favorite bit was Toby hesitating about going into the church! Anybody else think of that deleted scene back in Season 2 of Michael saying: “Toby is the Devil.” Haha. I couldn’t stop laughing. Nice little, probably unintentional, callback!

  12. 102. Chuck  

    Another great episode of The Office. It was nice to see more of Cece and the cast outside of the office. But I believe this episode could have been better if the writers took another direction at the end instead of the whole bus to Mexico thing.

  13. 101. Angie  

    @Don’tCallMeSammy I can totally see where you’re coming from. I adored The Delivery, but i would consider giving that one up if it meant some good quality, strictly Jim/Pam moments on a regular basis. But, i don’t think that’s possible. Their story has to progress. Since they won’t break them up, they can only keep them together and happy(perhaps some minor arguments thrown in here and there) yet standing still for so long.

  14. 100. joe  

    97, I am SO with you. The Jim and Pam story imploded when Pam got pregnant. I think the show wrote themselves into a corner. There really is no threat for any kind of friction between them, which of course was a main driving force in the early years. The baby mixed with the fact that they have both become extremely boring versions of their former selves just leaves them with nothing interesting to do.

  15. 99. Angie  

    I’ve never hated an episode of the Office and i don’t think i could ever use that word in relation to this show. So far this season has been excellent, and the Office’s few low points are always more than made up for. I absolutely love seeing Jim, Pam and Cece interact, i only wish we had gotten some sweeter, subtle moments. There were some good laughs here, but neither storyline was balanced out as well as it could have been.

  16. 98. Thomas R  

    On 84, I’m pretty sure he can’t be the Strangler because he’s going to be on the jury when they catch him. Also this is “The Office” not “The Practice” or something.

    Still Toby is a former seminarian who has: Gotten divorced, presumably done pot (it’s been implied pretty strongly), and lusted after Pam even after she was engaged. So I was thinking guilt was a factor.

  17. 97. Don'tCallMeSammy  

    Another episode where a private event for Jim and Pam gets ruined by their co-workers. How original! And, though I’m probably in the minority, but I wish that Jim and Pam never had a baby, because she has been in almost every episode this season, it’s contrived and boring, and I’m sick of seeing her. I want Jim and Pam, not Jim, Pam, and Cece.

  18. 96. Will  

    It was a bad episode. Clear and simple. To the show’s defense…this was the first episode directed by a new guy and the first one written by a new guy.

  19. 95. Mike  

    The episode wasn’t horrible and there were still funny moments, but with each season the show has gotten further away from the formula that made it perfect in the beginning (I feel the second season is the best single season of any series I’ve ever seen). In the beginning they had more subtle humor, realistic situations where you could easily see yourself, relatable characters and just the right amount of awkwardness. The comedy now seems to be a little forced, slapstick at times, and filled with the usual sitcom cliches we’ve all seen before. I enjoy slapstick as well but with this show the smallest most subtle moments are the ones I usually find myself laughing at the most. I think a lot of it has to do with the writing, but the show is still miles better than most comedies. Maybe I’m over-analyzing. I still love the show and have never hated an episode and I will watch until the very end

  20. 94. Ezra  

    I’m shocked! I laughed more at this one than any episode this season! Admitted, there were some sitcom moments, but I didn’t mind that. My main peeve was that there was apparently already a camera on the bus when Michael got on it…

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