The Office: Christening, 7.07

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The Office Christening

Writer: Peter Ocko, Director: Alex Hardcastle

Summary (NBC): Pam and Jim’s baby, Cece, gets christened and Michael invites the entire office to celebrate.

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In a poll conducted November 4-8, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.58/10

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The Office Christening quotes

Kelly: I heard your mama has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat.

Dwight: Do you have any idea how expensive wool is in Transylvania? ‘Cause of the euro.

Dwight: If Sabre really cared about our well-being, they would set up hand de-sanitizing stations. A simple bowl at every juncture, filled with dirt, vomit, fecal matter.

Dwight: I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. Maybe they have something against living forever.

Ryan: I hope you brought your pipes. We’re about to smoke the opium of the masses.

Michael: It’s not a day for just Jim or Pam or the baby or me. It is about us all. And I thought we should all celebrate my joy, and our, and all of our joys.

Andy: Does the Nard Dog want nard pups? Yeah, I want a big ol’ litter of nard pups, all jumping around sucking on the teat. Put ’em in a box, give ’em to my neighbors. Yeah, I want kids.

Michael: I got an offer that you can’t refuse. Scooch over.

Michael: Scooch. Before I shoot you in the head.

Michael: You have great seats. Enjoy the show.

Michael: Cece is turning out to be a little b-i-t-c-h.

Ryan: I’ve heard of that place. If you go to Cabo San Lucas, all the prostitutes are from Cabo Corrientes.

Toby: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Jim: Cece, no! No no no, not on the dress! Cece stop!

Ryan: For all their generosity of spirit, they password-protect their wireless?

Michael: I am feeling this. Call it the holy spirit or the passion of the Christ, I am lovin’ these people!

Pam: We’re going to need a loaves and fishes kind of miracle to feed them all!
Angela: Jesus is not your caterer.

Michael: No I insist. After me.

Stanley: This is not the meal I was promised.

Kevin: Sometimes, Michael. Sometimes.

Ryan: Teach for America girls are way hotter. But they’re nuts!

Stanley: I would run to Mexico if that’s where the sandwiches are.

Dwight: You want to know my 11th commandment? I will not be undersold. I am ready to love thy neighbor with these kind of discounts.

Andy: What if the moon was your car and Jupiter was your hair brush?

Jim: I think that was Sconesy Cider. Noted baptism reception critic.

Michael: Let’s go help Africa. Let’s go build an airport. We’ll start small. We’ll have a carwash. We’ll send some cheerleaders to regionals.

Darryl: We are hanging out. Right now. You want some more of this?

Michael: These are church-going people. And they know how to party.

Michael: You’re mean. You’re mean girls. Like the movie “Mean Girls.”

Michael: If you don’t stop worrying so much about what you’re going to put in your gullet, you’re going to die in about a month!

Michael: Tell them that I died and I turned into an angel.

Erin: I wish I had a job that I could just leave.

Andy: Save me an aisle seat, Michael! I’m coming!

Michael: Everybody thinks that I am crazy, and that tells me that I am the sanest person I know.

Toby: Why you always got to be so mean to me?

Andy: Do you smell like a weird, warm cheese?

Jim: Stop that tiny blonde woman! She stole my baby!

Jim: Travel safe, Angela.

Kevin: What kind of a person steals scones from a baby?

Michael: You guys are young, that’s great. You want to give back to society, I’ve done that. I need to take.

Michael: Go save the world. We’ll keep an eye on America for you.

Michael: It is so nice to be back in a country that has movies.

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