1. i am coming out of the woodwork to say that this is AMAZING! i am so impressed with this ken. a plus.

  2. I’m so impressed – I loved the last line the best – I can totally picture Creed doing that!

  3. WOW! How creative. I could totally see this on TV. I hope the writers see it and shoot it for broadcast (giving the creator credit of course). Creed’s reaction was perfect.

  4. Wow! That was very cool. Though it’s kind of long…might work better as an episode-long plot, also involving Pam :)

  5. That is sooooooooooooooooo good.
    That would be absolutely awesome if that was an actual cold open.

  6. A possum, when seen in the right context, is the most wonderful sight….

    Great job!

  7. Incredibly HILARIOUS! LOVE the artwork!! You captured the characters’ personalities perfectly! Nice job!!

  8. AWESOME!!! I Love the artwork and the story itself. It was hilarious and it sounds just like CREED!!!

    Way to go Ken!

  9. Great work! Maybe Dwight could get the night off if he enlisted the help of a few men from Dwight’s Army or Champions.

    Just a thought.

  10. LOL! That’s hilarious. I could definitely see that as a cold open. I especially love the character reactions specifically Michael and Creed.

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