The Office: Company Picnic, 5.28

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 | 429 comments


The Office Company Picnic

W: Jen Celotta, Paul Lieberstein, D: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): It’s the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic and Michael and Holly are reunited, and Michael has some big plans for her. Meanwhile, the office competes in the picnic’s volleyball tournament.

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Favorite quotes

Dwight: How that horse became a doctor, I don’t know.

Michael: What’s so funny?
Pam: You had to be there.
Michael: Oh yay! Geography joke.

Pam: You don’t grab these for balance.

Dwight: You think the EPA would ever allow that much DEET?

Michael: You can go to hell. I’m kidding!

Michael: “Holly, you and I are soup snakes.”

Charles: Must be nice to get a rest from all your rest.

Michael: What is up with you two, Holly?

Michael: I’m designing a chair. It’s part of your pants. You sit down, you’re supported.

Michael: All right, fatty, I will do it.

Dude with shades: These are expensive Ray-Bans, jackass.

Dwight: You’re better than this! I am better than this.

Dwight: What hand do you use to answer the phone?

Michael: Is that cool?
Holly: Crystal cool.

Meredith: Yeah, man in!

Rolph: I don’t hear cheaters, tramps, or women who break my friend’s heart.

Michael: Could we get a DeLorean …

Holly: We haven’t found our great idea yet.
Michael: No. We’re circling it.

Rolph: They’re going to wipe their asses with your serves. Piss all over your faces!

Toby: This reminds me of the HR convention last fall.

Holly: Are you ready to play Slum Dunder Mifflinaire?

Stanley: I usually don’t enjoy the theater, but this is delightful.

Michael: Well, he’s just thinking about his own gifts.

Dwight: People need volleyball now more than ever.

Dwight: If we don’t play, then the other team wins.

Charles: Look who just woke up!

Angela: Now it’s 7-6. Or is that too much accounting for you?

Rolph: What does one fiance plus one lover equal? Answer: one whore.

Erin: Booyah!

Michael: We have a lot of good material for next year’s sketch.

Michael: I think we’re one of those couples with a long story.

Michael: You guys should hit the road before I close down another branch.

Dwight: How many people need to get hurt before we learn a valuable lesson? 1? 2? 3? 4? No, no, hear me out.

Jim: Hey Dwight. Send in the subs.


In a poll conducted May 14-18, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.36/10


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  1. 349. Sheila  

    Did anyone else notice that when Michael was talking about him and Holly’s relationship being a long story about how they met each other and one year he’ll be with someone and then the next year she’ll be with someone was basically Jim and Pam’s story?

  2. 348. DJ Jazzy Flax  

    -All the corporate folks standing together in their black tees look bully-ish, esp w/Charles leading the pack. I was hoping for either a Michael or Jim smackdown of Charles but I guess there wasn’t enough time.

    -Michael & Holly are the new JAM. They’re just so adorable together, & I love that we’re seeing a more mature Michael. His final TH was so sweet.

    -LOL at Rolf, but I was a bit sad when Dwight said he was his new best friend. I thought Mose was!

    -Loved the cold open. Even Dwight & Angela took part! Loving Erin; hope she’s here to stay. Dwight going out to Michael’s car in his socks, Michael eating an insane amount of food like the twin lobsters in “Business Ethics,” Michael thinking the whole office was laughing over a geography joke…

    -Andy referring to Dwight as his bromigo LOL

    -the look Dwight & Angela gave each other…they’ll definitely end up together again

    -JAM. ‘Nuff said.

    -tanster. ‘Nuff said.

    Phenomenal acting by Steve, Amy, John, Jenna & tanster. Thursdays just got a lot less funny now that there aren’t new episodes til September.

  3. 347. Robaroo  

    Oh, one more thing, which I think made me laugh the hardest out of everything in this episode: “I will get you the best iced tea in the world.”

  4. 346. Taryn  

    I thought last night’s finale was great!

    Can I just express how much I loved Michael? Holly and him are fantastic, she’s got to be one of my favourite characters ever from the show. I wish they would have continued with the Slum Dunder Mifflinaire scene. I was just waiting for them to dance to “Jai Ho”.

    I wasn’t total surprised by the pregnancy. As soon as Charles said she should go to the hosptial I knew what was coming. And I have to say I am all for the pregnancy storyline. It’s gonna be great material for new season and if there is any show that can pull it off without making it cheesy or cliche it’s The Office. Oh and a shout out to John Krasinski for his acting during the last scene! All I can say is “Wow!”

  5. 345. tuna tuna tuna  

    325 Make Love Not Babies: “A happy couple having babies and getting married is so BORING.”

    you know what else is really boring? working in an office for a small northeastern paper company. i have complete faith that the writers will make this as hilarious as sales calls and performance reviews.
    i enjoyed the finale, it was a feel good ‘cliffhanger’, not a panic inducing one :). i think it sets up great new dynamics and storylines for next season. and i called the andy/erin match from day one! i love erin, i love andy and i think they are perfect together and the finale sure made it seem like she would be sticking around! oh! now that they are bros, how funny would an erin/andy and dwight/angela double-date be?

  6. 344. officelove  

    I know it’s been said before, but after last night’s episode, I’ve decided once again, that Jim’s character is the most pivotal role in the show because HE makes it seem real. And John Krasinski, is perfect. He deserves an Emmy for his entire body of work on the Office, but ESPECIALLY last night’s episode. He is able to connect with the audience without even saying a word. THAT is talent. Give this guy an Emmy!

  7. 343. single-cell shark  

    This episode wsa FANTASTIC. Only Michael and Holly could pull off “Slum-Dunder Millionaire.” Oh, and fire a branch at the company picnic. Some people don’t think that is realistic, but I thought it was perfect (except Tanster losing her job-maybe Staples still has Dwight’s old opening left). There was so much really funny stuff that was happening in the background of the story and so much poignant stuff happening right in front of our faces. This is why I love The Office.

  8. 342. FlonkertonChamp  

    @322… it was meredith’s son. but it was a deleted scene.

  9. 341. Jim's baby momma  

    337, I couldn’t agree more. That had me on the floor!!!

  10. 340. betterthannot  

    Great episode…. i’m sorry to hear about your branch tho Tanster, maybe you can get transfered to scranton.

  11. 339. beesley  

    I was surprised, though that nurse did kind of set it up. I’m not a big fan of babies in real life or on tv but I have total faith that these writers can pull it off. The PB&J relationship is already handled so well. JKras was fabulous in that last scene! And imho, they’re great relationship role models, married or not. Jim won me over forever when he supported art school. Charles, grrr! How can David Wallace stand him? Dwight was hilarious this episode – hope for Dwangela? Mike/Holly…eh, it was sweet, but I would’ve taken some Creed instead. Glad Stanley got his talking head in! And yea Tanster!

  12. 338. robin  

    I am feeling better about the pregnancy storyline because a lot of people have mentioned funny ways they can work this – Michael and Dwight being inappropriate, etc.

    I will withhold judgment because I do think the writers have earned a chance to show us what they can do with it.

  13. 337. can i finish? 5? 6? 7?  

    I thought it was ALRIGHT..I thought it should’ve been an hour long episode because it didn’t feel like a season finale. Shout out to tanster though. Or should I say “TAN-STAR”


  14. 336. Karen  

    I literally did NOT expect a JAM baby! I think I’m still in mild shock. I didn’t hear the nurse ask Pam “any chance you could be pregnant” so I didn’t get it until Jim went into the doctor room- once the sound was shut off, it was like I was hit by a truck of realization. Fantastic writing and JKras is seriously one of the best actors in the world, I was fine until I saw him tearing up, then I just bawled with joy. :D

    Awesome, awesome finale for a great season.

  15. 335. unhitched foliage  

    Overnight ratings show that this was one of the lowest rated original episodes in two years! Very disappointing, but shows why NBC didn’t give The Office a full hour, it would have just gotten demolished by Grey’s (which itself had weak numbers).

    I was a little disappointed at the show as a finale, though I think the episode was fine as part of the series. I’m not someone who squeals over a JAM baby and will not be spending my summer impatiently waiting for the baby storyline in the fall. I also thought Rolf was a weird replacement for Mose.

    Add me to the list of people that rewound when Tanster was on and had to explain why!

  16. 334. Rachel  

    After watching it AGAIN, I’ve decided that whoever decided to put a pink smoothie/girlie drink w/matching pink umbrella in Charles Miner’s hand is a genius.

  17. 333. Egg salad sandwich  

    Awesome finale. Good job writers and actors. I loved the cold open. Dwight’s weird joke made me laugh so hard. And ofcourse Jam was just the best, Jim’s reaction was just so sweet. I had a really big smile on my face at that point.
    By the way, the one we haven’t seen since season 2, was it Kendall from corporate HR?? I thougt he was the guy talking to Toby. I could be totally wrong, so feel free to correct me.

  18. 332. Tanster's #1 FAN  

    I love the close up gift to tanster. When I saw you, i paused the TV, and I had to explain to my wife why I got so excited about an extra. You deserve it! This site rocks and you saved this show back in the day.

    I loved this episode. Dwight’s friend calling Angela a whore had me rollin’. Hope the baby’s Jim. . . kidding. I do see Michael asking Jim if it’s his. lol
    Great Job writers.

    [from tanster: awww, thank you. it was a tremendous thing for the office staff to do. i love them.]

  19. 331. Meredith  

    Come on people, a pregnancy is NOT a plot device. It’s called Life. And we’ve known for a long time that Pam and Jim want kids – it’s been mentioned in many episodes. Let’s all be happy for the fictional characters.

    Fantastic acting on Steve, Jenna and especially John’s part!

  20. 330. 3 hole punch John  

    I am suuuuper nervous about how they handle this pregnancy thing b/c like a few ppl have said, it can be a pretty lame, sitcom-y plot device. That said, the way they shot the scene and the way the actors played it was effing brilliant. John Krasinski has got to be one of the most underrated actors around. Seriously, he was brilliant. Rolf was fun but does that mean no more Mose? I hope not. Last, way to be a professional, Tanster. If it was me there was no way I could have resisted the urge to give a quick Jim camera look during that reaction shot.

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