The Office: Costume Contest, 7.06

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The Office Costume Contest

Writer: Justin Spitzer, Director: Dean Holland

Summary (NBC): When Darryl takes an idea to corporate over his head, Michael freaks out. Everyone in the office is in a competitive mood as the Halloween costume contest gets underway. Meanwhile, Pam tries to get the truth out of Danny about their dating history. Guest star: Timothy Olyphant.

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In a poll conducted October 28-November 1, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.66/10

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The Office Costume Contest quotes

Jim: So the question has to be asked: is there no limit to what he won’t notice?

Kevin: The statement that I am making, Oscar, is I kind of look like Michael Moore.

Erin: Happy Halloween! How can I haunt you today?

Dwight: If I was the real Scranton Strangler, you’d be so strangled by now.

Dwight: To my chickens, I’m the Scranton Strangler.

Dwight: You’re only one-third as beautiful and about half her height.

Jim: I am Popeye. Just after he retired from the Navy and took a desk job in corporate America.

Packer: Why don’t witches wear panties? Because they need to grip the broom!

Michael: Where does Dracula like to water ski?
Dwight: Lake Eerie.

Packer: Has anyone started calling you Gabe-wad yet?

Michael: I would like to have all the racists brought together and take Darryl Philbin out to lunch. Just to see what they’re missing.

Kevin: I forget nothing. I’m like an elephant in that way.

Dwight: He went over your head to go behind your back.

Dwight: Magnets are interesting enough. You don’t need to tart them up with some design.

Michael: What the hell are they talking about?
Dwight: Hmm, Kevin and Gabe. Probably about the extremes of the human physique.

Kevin: You think that I would let this happen again? No way Jose!

Danny: I just wanted to make sure things weren’t weird.

Michael: I just made Kevin cry. And Gabe looks like Lady Gaga. That’s not Halloween. Halloween should be a day in which we honor monsters and not be mad at each other.

Michael: You went over my head. And then you lied to my face. So my head and my face have taken a beating.

Stanley: How many freaking vampires am I supposed to care about these days?

Oscar: You see my costume? I’m a “rational consumer.”

Michael: Happy Halloween, jerk!

Pam: Dressing up as somebody… I mean when has that ever worked for you?

Kelly: Could you ever once just let us enjoy a party instead of making it about all your issues?

Angela: I think we all live in the real world here. Let’s not pretend to be unaware of what sells in this office.

Dwight: I know how to sit on a fence. Hell, I can even sleep on a fence. The trick is to do it face down with the post in your mouth. (That’s what she said.)

Packer: Halpert, you looking for someone to bang your wife?

Erin: I got two. I ate two whole apples!

Michael: I am not budging on the hat issue.

Andy: Is becoming CEO of this company your a cappella group?

Darryl: I do have big plans at this company.

Jim: Who doesn’t call a dork like that back?

Ryan: Shake things up. I’m a Nader guy.

Creed: Best Edward James Olmos costume I’ve ever seen. Like freaky good.

Halloween Costumes

  • Michael: MacGruber
  • Dwight: Scranton Strangler
  • Pam: Olive Oyl
  • Jim: Popeye
  • Cece: Swee’pea
  • Ryan: Justin Bieber
  • Andy: Bill Compton (“True Blood”)
  • Meredith: Sookie Stackhouse (“True Blood”)
  • Kevin: Michael Moore
  • Creed: mummy
  • Oscar: 70s pimp, then “rational consumer”
  • Phyllis: judge
  • Erin: hideous monster
  • Stanley: samurai warrior
  • Darryl: Dracula
  • Angela: penguin, then sexy nurse
  • Toby: hobo
  • Kelly: Snooki (“Jersey Shore”), then Katy Perry
  • Gabe: Lady Gaga
  • Todd Packer: pregnant nun with paper bag labeled “trouser mouse”
  • Bob Vance: Dirty Harry

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  1. My favorite episode so far! The season has really done great this year! I’m glad we saw more of Darryl and Michael was great!
    Jim and Pam’s storyline was pretty funny and it was nice to see Todd Packer back! The costumes were great (especially both of Angela’s) and my favorite Cold Opening of the season! I really enjoyed this episode and I really hope that they keep going uphill from here!

  2. Overall, I loved the episode. So many great moments. The Stanley cold open was good!

    Two things I don’t really like though:
    (1) The Pam/Jim thing with the new guy. It’s weird.
    (2) Darryl. I liked him in the warehouse, but I don’t want to see him as manager!

  3. Wow, was that Kevin crying scene dumb. And my was it over the top. I’m glad Jim and Pam were featured together, I loved the cold open, and I loved some of the jokes. Thank goodness they didn’t make Halloween just the cold open like in S5 in S6.

  4. LOVED IT! It was awesome. Jim coming in with Cece dressed as Popeye and Sweetpea made my heart melt. Sooo sweet!

    What was Kelly’s second costume?

  5. Great episode! Easily the best Halloween episode the office has ever had. It had a little bit of everything, Humor, darkness, JAM moments And Nurse Angela was hot among other things

  6. The first half of the episode left me feeling kind of cold, especially when it was trailing Community, which was mind-blowing. It just wasn’t very funny, but all the little character moments made it worthwhile.

    I *loved* Kelly calling Michael out, and the fact it seemed to get through to him, and Danny calling Pam “dorky” and Jim putting on the costume to make her feel better. And I did not see that coming with Angela, but it makes total sense for her, she’s ruthless. If we can’t have humor, I’ll totally take the character development.

    Also, I retract my hatred of Gabe, he was so great this episode.

  7. This was a nice episode. Jim’s little dance at the end with CeCe was very cute. The cold open was hilarious. Pam was not a dork in season 3 and she isn’t a dork now! So, boo to Danny:) I don’t know about Darryl moving to Michael’s position though. It would be a complete 180 from Michael.

    Overall, a good episode.

  8. Loved the cold open. Not so much the awkwardness with Jim/Pam/Danny but it played out nicely :) I also loved Gabe in this episode!

  9. This felt very old school Office to me. Loved the costumes, loved the cold open (reminded me of the bet about Creed eating the potato), classic Michael overreaction (based not in terms of business, but in terms of friendship), and just the right amount of JAM. Totally called that he’d put on the costume…great payoff, especially bringing in Cece. Oh, and I loved the flashbacks to his previous costumes! Wonderful episode!

  10. I love the part at the end when Jim comes in with Cece…so adorable! JAM forever! and lol Gabe’s costume was my favorite

  11. I thought the cold open reminded me too much of when everyone bet that Creed wouldn’t notice switching his apple with a potato…too similar.

  12. jenna said in her recent blog that there would be a jim halpert moment that would make the ladies swoon… didn’t quite swoon, but it did make me go “awwwwww!!!!!” loved that cece showed up! i was hoping she would!

    jim saying “who wouldn’t call a dork like that back?” made me go “aww” too.

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