1. i love kelly’s costume, but what the heck is she supposed to be?! and who is michael supposed to be?

  2. Popeye!Jim. Love that. I’m most excited about Gabe though. If he’s supposed to be Gaga, he’s doing an excellent job dancing at the end of that clip.

  3. I think Kelly is supposed to be Katy Perry from California Girls? It’s probably wrong but I could see that costume being that.

  4. @Annie, At the end of the clip when Gabe is dancing, Pam is off to the right of the screen. I had to rewind and then pause it.

  5. kelly’s lady gaga i think. but what the heck is gabe supposed to be?? i wanna say ziggy stardust…

  6. I agree that Kelly is supposed to be Lady Gaga, but I think Gabe is too. How awesome would it be if they had a Gaga-off?

  7. When Tanster posted the pics of Gabe from this episode if you ran your mouse over the photo it said “Gabe – Lady Gaga” so I’m pretty sure he is Gaga. The Office usually sticks to current, relevant costumes so I think that makes ziggy and Bowie not options.
    So excited though! I love the Halloween episodes!

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