The Office: Customer Loyalty, 9.12

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The Office: Customer Loyalty

Writers: Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller
Director: Kelly Cantley

Summary (NBC): Relationships are tested — Dwight tries to prevent Darryl’s move to Athlead. Jim is forced to miss Cece’s first recital when a big investor exits his new company, to Pam’s intense disappointment. Nellie exposes Pete and Erin. And we start to see behind the scenes of the documentary. Guest star: Chris Diamantopoulos.

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In a poll conducted January 24-28, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.14/10

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The Office Customer Loyalty quotes

Pam: Did you send Dwight on a quest for the Holy Grail?

Jim: The Dunder Code!

Angela: Dwight! Down, Dwight! Dwight!

Jim: I’ve been working with her on her move. It’s called the Cece Spin and Kiss. Do you want to see it? It’s kind of like this. It’s pretty cute, right?

Dwight: Jim should call it Stumpany. For Stupid Company.

Jim: Take your worst fear, and multiply it by infinity.

Dwight: I’ll be damned if I’m going to let us lose me.

Kevin: What about the Irish American Cultural Center mural? Potato?

Pam: Who are they going to go with, some nobody like me, or a big name like Tracy Fleeb?

Pam: Yes Jim, I think I know how to point a rectangle at something.

Cece: Press End!

Nellie: I did everything but unzip their pants for them. Oh god, Nellie…

Clark: They got us set with Windows 95. So you’re kind of dreaming here.

Dwight: Customer loyalty. What is it? Can you hold it in your hand? Can you nudge it with your finger? Can you dump it on a woman?

Pam: I’m sorry, I have to go. My daughter’s a ladybug.

Dwight: It can’t be more fun than selling paper and paper products.
Darryl: It can.

Meredith: With slammin’ bods like that, they ain’t playing checkers.

Kevin: Your feelings for Erin? Probably your heart. And a little bit your penis.

Nellie: Most relationships eventually die on their own. But sometimes, they just need a little pillow over the face.

Toby: Not everybody has what we have.

Dwight: I’ll take a burger over a gross Philly cheesesteak any day.

Dwight: Fire in the hole!

Oscar: User error. I hear it happens to other people.

Pam: Only thing better than getting the job. “BEESLY!”

Dwight: Joke’s on you, buddy! They make you come back and clean it up!

Brian: Let’s turn the cameras off. Seriously, guys. Enough. Enough.

Video title: Fire in the Hole — Milkshake vs. Old Dork

Darryl: And… replay.

Darryl: I’m going to miss the paper business.

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  1. Greg Daniels said this is the episode where we’ll find out about the camera crew and why they’re filming! :)

  2. Ever since they followed Jim to Stamford, it’s been hard to explain what the purpose of the documentary was…

  3. Anyone else seriously concerned about the documentary crew being revealed? It seems like a seriously bad (albeit admittedly interesting) idea to me. I’d rather they focus on the characters we know rather than awkwardly introducing a bunch of new ones

  4. @mOSE: Greg Daniels has described the identity of the documentary filmmaker as “a total explosive mind-bender.” Something tells me that not everyone behind the scenes is someone we don’t know…

  5. Whatever the thing with the Documentary is, it’s obviously not going to make perfect sense. Because we can step back from the show and realize there’s no good reason to make a documentary about a paper company for 9 years. The show was using the format and therefore it was always going to be the format. It’s not like whatever is revealed was the grand plan all along.

    As long as it’s clever I’ll be fine with it.

  6. I used to think Jim was behind the documentary — perfect way to screw with everybody. But, since he expressed surprise about the crew still hanging out, now I think we’re heading towards a “Damn it, Michael!”

    @10, Jared: Oh, it doesn’t matter. As soon as kids can walk they can get plopped into little dance classes. Lowest I’ve heard of is four, though, unless they’re hyper-aging Cece for plot reasons (not a good idea, writers).

  7. A “total explosive mind-bender”? They know what the Office fans expect and know how we think, so it doesn’t make sense that it would be someone we’ve not heard of before now. There are only three people who would fit that description: Dwight, Creed or Robert California. My guess would be that Creed hired a documentary crew to follow everyone in the office and film everything they do for some very weird nutty reason that makes sense to nobody but himself.

  8. Eric, very interesting. Think about this: If you go back and view early episodes, Creed is often taking photos of staff members at odd moments and for no apparent reason. And sometimes they are commemorative, like when Michael returned from the Michael Scott Paper Co.

  9. @10, Jared: LOL, I enrolled my daughter in a preschool ballet class at a local rec center, and she had a recital (really cute). She was 4 at the time. I’ve definitely seen classes advertised for kids as young (or, for crying out loud, younger) than CeCe. Mostly, it makes for cute home videos.

  10. I can’t wait to see why a documentary film crew has been following these people’s lives for 9 years. Hopefully, there will be a motive and not just because Creed wanted to film them or something. But do the characters know the reasoning behind the crew? They have adjusted to them being there..

  11. I like the Creed theory but it’s out there a little too much. I’ve been thinking it’ll have something to do with David Brent. I know he was in a couple of episodes two years ago, but I just have the suspicion that Wernham Hogg will be involved.

  12. It’s hard to know if the writers are going to maintain continuity in the answer to the who/what/why of the documentary crew or if the series finale will be sentimental or funny. If they do then the only possible answer is that it was Jim because the “footage” has centered around Jim/Pam all along, and Jim always looks at the camera, interacting with them in a way nobody else did/does, not even Michael. They also followed him to Stamford, and continued filming even after Michael left. Also, s09e01 one of the “crew” said they were following them to see how they turn out which can be taken a number of ways. Final ep guess: elderly but happy Jim & Pam sitting on a couch reminiscing on their lives watching the footage “again”.

  13. @17 Except that Jim sometimes looks like the crew catches him doing things he doesn’t want filmed. The glance up at the camera as he’s lying to Pam about his “stressful” meeting with Dr. J. The look on Jim’s face when he opens his hotel bedroom door (in Florida), and the crew is there taking pictures of Kathy lounging on the bed behind him. It didn’t feel like Jim was in charge of the documentary crew in those moments, for sure.

  14. @lynn – I would argue that the points you raise actually show that he DOES have control over them. There are a number of cases throughout the 9 seasons where he is followed more than the others, interacts more than others, and directs the “crew”. Remember the episode where he visited Pam at her dorm and tricked them to leave? It was also the first time we heard something from the cameraman – that sigh. But of course all of this is just speculation and irrelevant until we find out the real answers over the course of the coming weeks/months :o)

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