The Office: Customer Loyalty, 9.12

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The Office: Customer Loyalty

Writers: Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller
Director: Kelly Cantley

Summary (NBC): Relationships are tested — Dwight tries to prevent Darryl’s move to Athlead. Jim is forced to miss Cece’s first recital when a big investor exits his new company, to Pam’s intense disappointment. Nellie exposes Pete and Erin. And we start to see behind the scenes of the documentary. Guest star: Chris Diamantopoulos.

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The Office Customer Loyalty rating

In a poll conducted January 24-28, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.14/10

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The Office Customer Loyalty quotes

Pam: Did you send Dwight on a quest for the Holy Grail?

Jim: The Dunder Code!

Angela: Dwight! Down, Dwight! Dwight!

Jim: I’ve been working with her on her move. It’s called the Cece Spin and Kiss. Do you want to see it? It’s kind of like this. It’s pretty cute, right?

Dwight: Jim should call it Stumpany. For Stupid Company.

Jim: Take your worst fear, and multiply it by infinity.

Dwight: I’ll be damned if I’m going to let us lose me.

Kevin: What about the Irish American Cultural Center mural? Potato?

Pam: Who are they going to go with, some nobody like me, or a big name like Tracy Fleeb?

Pam: Yes Jim, I think I know how to point a rectangle at something.

Cece: Press End!

Nellie: I did everything but unzip their pants for them. Oh god, Nellie…

Clark: They got us set with Windows 95. So you’re kind of dreaming here.

Dwight: Customer loyalty. What is it? Can you hold it in your hand? Can you nudge it with your finger? Can you dump it on a woman?

Pam: I’m sorry, I have to go. My daughter’s a ladybug.

Dwight: It can’t be more fun than selling paper and paper products.
Darryl: It can.

Meredith: With slammin’ bods like that, they ain’t playing checkers.

Kevin: Your feelings for Erin? Probably your heart. And a little bit your penis.

Nellie: Most relationships eventually die on their own. But sometimes, they just need a little pillow over the face.

Toby: Not everybody has what we have.

Dwight: I’ll take a burger over a gross Philly cheesesteak any day.

Dwight: Fire in the hole!

Oscar: User error. I hear it happens to other people.

Pam: Only thing better than getting the job. “BEESLY!”

Dwight: Joke’s on you, buddy! They make you come back and clean it up!

Brian: Let’s turn the cameras off. Seriously, guys. Enough. Enough.

Video title: Fire in the Hole — Milkshake vs. Old Dork

Darryl: And… replay.

Darryl: I’m going to miss the paper business.

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