1. Wow! That was amazing. Michael drove his car into a lake. He drove his rental car into a lake.

  2. “Hand Over The Turtles!”

    probably one of the greatest office quotes of all time!

    also, loved the “thats what she said” in the 1st 5 minutes. classic office. :)

    Ryan’s haricut: $200.
    Gift Baskets for Old Clients: $1000
    Michael driving into a lake: Priceless. :)

  3. There’s that Office I know and love. This week’s episode was a big improvement over the premiere, and I actually liked the premiere. I almost fell off the couch at Kelly’s little head-shake to the camera after she tells Ryan she’s pregnant. And Bitter Jan was awesome. Oh… and poor Ryan got turned down. Guess he can’t get /any/ girl.

  4. A twenty minute episode trapped in a forty minute one. I love the beard. Heaven help me I love the little tool.

    Little boy big man.

  5. Huh…….Great first 30 minutes. But WHAT were they thinking in the last 20 minutes? The scene where Michael and Dwight go retrieve the gift basket probably should be burned and left off the dvd. Yikes. A big misstep. That’s the danger of 4 straight hourlongs.

  6. This episode almost ruins the entire show. C’mon, the driving in to the lake and demanding the gift baskets back? :(

  7. I loved the episode! The cutest thing was when Jim said with a smile (in his TH),”well, I guess he can’t get any girl he wants…” Priceless!

  8. I was very disappointed by this episode. Where is the quirky coolness that the show had during the first two season? Don’t get me wrong – the drama and storylines are good – but the feel, the aura of the show has changed so drastically that I find my interest waning. Tonight’s episode was not funny to me. It was often quite uncomfortable and weird. This upsets me because the show for the past season has been going in the WRONG direction. Jim and Pam should be together, but not always played upon and obvious. They should pull pranks on Dwight, and they should have a cool cold-open like the show used to. If these past two episodes are telling, then this season will be a bust, and I’ll be the first to cry about it.

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