1. i love how detailed it is, like creed’s hand is in toby’s pocket and kevin is looking at “stuff” on his computer and angela’s baby poster.

  2. YES!

    Also note: Dundies medals, Pam’s teapot, Oscar’s paper football schedule, the line of pencils wedged between Dwight’s and Jim’s desks, the stapler in Jell-o, and Dwight’s bobblehead.

  3. I was thinking the same thing Johnny! Besides the ones you mentioned I also noticed the jar of M&M’s on Kevin’s desk, the pencils sticking up between Jim and Dwight’s desks, as well as the stapler in jello and bobblehead on Dwight’s desk. Oh I just looked again and saw the teapot by Pam as well as a ‘medal’ from the office olympics!

  4. Plus there’s something that says Vance Refridgeration next to Phylis, but I can’t tell what it is.

  5. Hey, Thanx to everyone for such amazing amazing feedback! My head is seriously spinning!!!! The Office is without a doubt the best show on TV, and I’m so glad that other office fans are digging my work. Wow!!!!

  6. Hey, did everyone get the Buster photo homage (Arrested Dev.) on Patt’s site? Niiice!

  7. did anyone notice Creed pick-pocketing Toby in the background? that’s great! what a great picture!

  8. hey Patt, great job

    But umm, is Kelly actually trying to rip Ryan’s heart out? Not that it would be out of character…

    And why does it look like Dwight and Michael were just interrupted doing something Angela surely wouldn’t approve?

  9. The expressions are my absolute favorite part. (Namely Ryan’s and Angela’s) Watercolor is sooooo difficult and with all the little details..Patt my heart goes out to you. You are INCREDIBLEY talented.

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