The Office DVD Wall Calendar 2008

Update: Calendars are now back in stock at Walldaddy! See link below.

When I posted the Holiday Gift Guide, some of you recommended checking out The Office DVD Wall Calendar by Trends International.

And you guys are right, it’s a great calendar!

Each month is chock full of photos, episode quotes, MySpace-like bio trivia, and funny props. Very cleverly put together, with Office fanatics in mind.

The calendar also includes a DVD of twelve .JPG files (one of each month, 1280×1023), which you can use as your computer’s wallpaper.

Walldaddy sells the DVD wall calendar (sorry, looks like it sold out again), as well as posters of Michael, Dwight, and the five leads. Use the coupon WDGNRL10 for another 10% off.

Screenshots after the jump.

The Office January 2008

The Office Calendar


  1. I was able to find all the Office calendars at a Calendar Club store (Spokane, WA). Kohl’s had the inspirational one on sale for $5.99!!

  2. I want this calendar so badly for Christmas, it’s adorable!
    And #1- I’m happy Karen isn’t on it too! She was on the other calendar I bought.

  3. More like spoilers after the jump! Haha I never browse through a calendar’s pictures before actually getting to each month. A quick scan says this is a very cool calendar.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t think anything could beat the first Office Calendar but I got the DVD one at my mall and it’s so much more detailed and packed full of awesome stuff! Makes me excited for the year to come!

  5. With that coupon code, it is now within the price range I need for gifts! AWESOME! (and a perfect gift to hint around at for me!)

  6. I received this calendar as an early Christmas gift from my roommate and I was delighted! It is awesome! I wish that it was January now so I could put it up. That’s how great this calendar is. I totally recommend it for any Office fan!!

  7. There’s only 1 thing I would change about this calendar. In Andy’s stats, he says he drives a Prius. But any Office fan worth their weight in Schrute Bucks know he drives an X-Earth! Haha.

  8. I have this calendar and love it. Andrea, I totally agree. I wish they would have gotten Andy’s vehicle right. Other than that, it’s a-w-e (clap clap) s-o-m-e!

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