The Office DVR ratings, Season 6

According to Nielsen data compiled by TVByTheNumbers, The Office was the most DVRed show for the week of September 14-20. (So this refers to The Office Season 6 premiere, ‘Gossip.’)

The data shows that The Office amassed 3.7 million total DVR viewers, ranking the show #1 in “Largest DVR Audiences for Broadcast TV Shows.”

I know I contribute personally to that number — I watch it once live, and then at least 3-5 more times on my TiVo sometime during the following week. A few times for seeding OfficeTally’s quote randomizer, and then a few more times just for me. :)

It’s too bad there isn’t a total number that includes live viewing + DVR viewing + online viewing. I bet The Office would go through the roof then!

How about you? How do you watch The Office?

Link: TVByTheNumbers


  1. I do the same thing you do. I DVR it while I watch it and re watch it a bunch of times and even sometimes on until it disappears :)

  2. Really just depends. I try to catch it on-air, but that’s not always possible; if that’s the case I usually watch it online. I used to do the iTunes thing, but after my initial viewing I wait until the DVD (now Blu-Ray) release.

  3. I usually DVR while watching LIVE … then watching it again a few more times during the week. Then sometimes while I’m at work I’ll have it set up in the corner with my headphones on, and watch it online. Sneaky sneaky.

  4. This makes total sense. Yet another reason Nielsen ratings are killing the shows I love (Arrested Development, October Road, etc.).

    As for me I always watch it live. Always. Then I’ll cue up the On Demand show since, as of last season, the broadcast version no longer airs in its widescreen format on my oldddddd TV, thus the necessity of On Demand’s widescreeny goodness. I’ll put in a third viewing via my taped copy (oh, VHS, how I still love thee) on the next Thursday to prime me for the new ep.

  5. No DVR for me… :( But I always watch it live, then just about every day on and if it’s REALLY good (i.e. this week’s wedding) then I’ll also buy it on itunes.

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I am an addict….

  6. I watch it the old fashioned way and again on I don’t have a DVR and my old VCR is unreliable.

  7. I always watch it live while recording it on my DVR. I’ll then watch the whole ep at least once again, usually right after the first viewing, and the “good parts” countless times :)

  8. I’m with Tanster. I have my DVR set to record ANY episode, which includes the syndicated episodes, and ever since the show went into syndication, my DVR is JAMmed with The Office. Then I rewatch every single one at least twice. And then it starts all over the following week.

  9. Well, I always watch it live Thursday nights of course. Although there was this one time where I had to miss it and it was before NBC showed them online the next day and we don’t have DVR so I had my mom record it for me on our old VHS haha. Other than that, my DVDs and now the local syndication thing give me my Office fix for the week although I will occasionally watch an episode online just for the fun of it. I try not to watch the new ones too much online so that when the DVDs come out, there are some parts that I’ve forgotten about and when I watch them again, it’s like they’re new haha- it’s like “second drink” :P.

  10. I DVR all the new episodes and watch them live. Then I watch them over and over and keep them till the dvd comes out.

  11. I watch it live. I don’t have DVR capabilites, so I try to watch it at least once (all right I’m lying, it’s usually more) during the week on HULU.

  12. While watching it live, I record it, old school, on my VCR, and then I usually watch it once more within the next few days. I save the tapes/episodes, until the DVD comes out, for when I need an Office fix.

  13. Can I ask a follow-up question?

    For those of you who watch it on Hulu, why do you watch it there as opposed to other places like, Fancast, etc.?

  14. I’m also a DVR-while-watching-live person. I save the episodes for as long as my DVR space will allow, then I have to make the heartbreaking delete decisions about half way through the season. But you can guaran-dang-tee that wedding episode will NOT be deleted. I don’t care if my husband has to erase every episode of “Pinks: All Out” he has saved. They’re just cars! Try putting a car in Jell-O. Try getting a car to shoot Awesome Blossom out of its nose. Try driving a car into a lake. Oh, wait…

    [from tanster: lol!]

  15. Usually I watch it live while DVR-ing it at the same time, then watch it again once or twice. And I do watch it on Hulu some times, or portions of it. I’ve known about Hulu since it was first started, and I just think it has a nice viewing browser and it’s easy to jump around and see different parts of it if you want to.

  16. Tanster – I usually watch it on but sometimes NBC will just sit there and load, and load, and load and then it will pause every few seconds. (and it’s not like youtube where you can pause it and wait for it to load and then you’re good.) Hulu will usually play right through the first time I pull it up.

    [from tanster: good feedback for thanks!]

  17. I also watch it live and DVR it and then watch it countless times throughout the season until the DVD’s come out.

  18. Same thing here. DVR and watch it 3-5 times during the 1st week after. Then every other week at least once.

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