The Office: Dwight Christmas, 9.09

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The Office: Dwight Christmas Belsnickel

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Charles McDougall

Summary (NBC): When the party planning committee drops the ball on the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate with a traditional Schrute German Christmas. Darryl fears Jim has forgotten his promise to take him along to the new job in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Pete teaches Erin about his favorite movie Die Hard.

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In a poll conducted December 6-10, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.00/10

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The Office Dwight Christmas quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Jim: So you know my job has something to do with sports, but you don’t the end of the word “Philadelphia.”

Dwight: Don’t wear the blue striped shirt. It makes your neck look like an old mop handle.

Oscar: I didn’t realize how many of Angela’s opinions I agreed with. Until she tried to have my kneecaps shattered for sleeping with her husband. She makes a lot of very sound points.

Meredith: We’re out there, sweating our balls off every day, busting our balls. We deserve a Christmas party!

Kevin: Mini cupcakes, as in the mini version of regular cupcakes, which is already a mini version of cake, honestly, where does it end with you people?

Dwight: What about an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas? Drink some gluhwein, enjoy some hasenpfeffer… enjoy Christmas with St. Nicholas’ rural old German companion, Belsnickel!

Stanley: I want tropical Christmas.
Meredith: Topless Christmas.
Creed: Tapas Swiss Miss. Spanish tapas and Swiss Miss hot cocoa. What’s so hard to understand.

Dwight: The sepia tint is from an app on my phone. This is the same photo, Matrix style.

Jim: Am I the only one who wants to try hufflepuffs and schnauzerhosen, and meet this glenpickle guy?

Erin: German terrorists? That’s oddly specific.

Stanley: I love Philly. Dirty town.

Toby: You know who’s not going to get to work on some exciting new startup this year? George Howard Skub. Aka, the alleged Scranton Strangler.

Stanley: See you next Christmas.

Toby: I would start at the beginning, but I think I need to go farther back.

Pam: Dwight, there is one rule that you need to take very seriously. And that is, that there are no rules.
Dwight: You have never been cooler.

Jim: Best. Christmas. Ever.
Pam: You’re welcome.
Jim: Thank you.

Dwight: That is gluhwein, otherwise known as glow wine. Also used to sterilize medical instruments.

Dwight: This is the very spoon that guided my soft skull through the birth canal. When I was born. Enjoy.

Dwight: Somebody’s found the hog maw!

Dwight: This is celebrating Christmas for all of the right reasons.

Dwight: Have you ever tasted a shepherd’s crook?

Dwight: Excuse me. I have to run to my car to take a dump.
Kevin: Wish my car had a bathroom.

Pete: That is transcribed by some fan. They make mistakes.

Toby: Here’s the thing about moonlight. It’s not sunlight.

Kevin: I love this hog mama.

Dwight: I was born to be Belsnickel.

Jim: So he’s kind of like Santa. Except dirty. And worse.

Jim: It’s my favorite part of Christmas. The authority.
Pam: And the fear.

Dwight: The Belsnickel will decide if you are impish or admirable.

Jim: Now I’m going to be all whipped for my first day of work.

Jim: That was the perfect last Christmas party.

Dwight: You quit on Christmas, Christmas quits on you.

Toby: Forget everything you thought you knew about fingerprinting.

Darryl: Meredith’s a little cute, I’m just realizing! She got like an Emma Stone thing.

Erin: I’m still Andy’s girlfriend. But you can leave your arm.

Dwight: No thanks. I’ll just have another Dumatril.

Pam: What happened? Did you miss your bus?
Jim: No. I just missed my wife.

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  1. What’s this about a party planning committee? I thought Pam shut it down in “Classy Christmas”. Did it start back up again? I know that a few of them plot to do a terrible party for Nellie but that was never described as a “party planning committee”. I don’t want to be picky but I think continuity is important. Jokes are funnier if they are referred to once and awhile, and hold true throughout the series.

  2. @Danny

    They brought it back in the episode you mentioned, with Nellie..

    Also this summary sounds hilarious.

  3. Will this episode count as the backdoor pilot for The Farm that they had planned?
    Or was “The Farm” a separate episode completely that was just removed after NBC nixed the spinoff?

    Either way, sounds promising! Guessing Andy isn’t back? Seems kinda sad that he won’t be around for the last Christmas episode..

  4. What throws me about this description is the storyline that focuses on Pete and Erin. I really like them but hey, it’s the last Christmas episode for The Office.

    Hopefully, the focus will be on the ensemble cast. Developments with the Pete/Erin courtship, which just began in Season 9, can be the highlight of other episodes. In a few months, the show will end. Let’s give great veteran characters like Stanley, Phyllis, and Meredith the attention that they deserve.

  5. “Dwight Christmas” is such a wonderful title!

    @4. I agree. I think it will be really sad if Andy isn’t in the final Christmas episode. Maybe he’s just missing from the plot summary, rather than missing at sea…

  6. Had my fingers crossed the writers would think of something besides a Christmas party for the last Christmas episode. Feel like I’ve seen twelve of these Christmas party episodes, and about a million Office party episodes in general. Oh well, maybe Plop talking about a movie will make up for it.

  7. @threatlevelmidwight, This isn’t the Farm episode, Rainn tweeted about filming that months ago, whereas the cast were tweeting about filming the Christmas episode just a few weeks ago.

  8. I was really hoping the show would back off of Pete and Erin. They are really making the show hard to enjoy.

  9. I think this is going to be one of those cases where as soon as Pete is about to get close to Erin, Andy will turn up and Erin will think no more of it.

  10. I enjoy the whole Pete and Erin bit. It’s a nice throwback to Jim and Pam. Pete is very Jim like and you can see Erin starting to slowly get more mature. It’s good to see her grow as a character and Pete allows that to happen.

  11. @Daniel G. I agree. It’s kind of like the story of early Jim and Pam we never got to see. But what’s the point since it’s the final season? I’ve been irritated with the writers so far. The final episode can’t possibly top the final episodes of Michael Scott. Bring back Steve Carell!!!!

  12. I hope that Mindy Kaling threw one final pitch for the show before heading to her project, and wrote this episode. It won’t feel like an Office holiday episode with someone other than her writing it. But the twin concepts of a Dwight’s-brain version of Xmas and following “The Cleveland Show” in recognizing that Die Hard is actually a holiday film are intriguing.

  13. Don’t think this episode will be backdoor to The Farm since it has been picked up by NBC. But will be interesting to see how Dwight will run Christmas. Not sure if Andy will be back depending if Ed Helms is still filming Hangover 3. He might be though you never know. It would be cool too if Michael Scott made a surprise appearance.

  14. John Krasinski is busy promoting his new film before its late December release & during the Acadamy Award nomination season. If the film receives any nominations (voting ends on January 3rd), then it would smooth his transition from television actor to a full-time movie career.

    How will this play out at The Office? One idea … what if David Wallace fires Jim after catching him working a second job on company time? A story line like this would be unexpected and set big things in motion while getting John Krasinski out of the office for the post-Christmas episodes. It could also explain why there’s such a strong focus on Erin and Pete.

  15. Here’s what I think: as David Wallace always respected Jim from the very beginning (like he did with Michael), I don’t think he’s gonna be upset with him for having a second job; I’m pretty sure Andy will be back soon, and I hope he’s becoming less than selfish to Erin, because I would hate to see the two of them break up again.

  16. Great idea to pair Erin with Pete, they are coming full circle with the office, cute salesman loves cute receptionist. Erin will probably get engaged to Andy, too, which will just add to the suffering! lol Jim&Pam are the reason I started watching the Office, and it is fun to watch it happening all over again with “Peterin”. Brilliant!

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