Office gossip

Kristin from E! Online searches for Season 3 scoop:

I had the pleasure of running into David Denman, who plays Roy, and he was much cooler than his TV counterpart. It happened to be the same week they were shooting the Office finale, and I said to him “Maybe Jim will give Roy a run for his money next season?” and he said … click here for more.

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello reports on Monday’s NBC presentation of their fall lineup (the “upfronts”):

The casts of The Office and My Name is Earl appeared onstage and explained what it meant to them to be a part of NBC’s storied Thursday-night lineup. I don’t recall any of their specific lines, but trust me when I say their shtick was the highlight of the nearly-three hour presentation. On a lesser note, we caught a preview of the first Office webisode, slated to debut this summer exclusively on, and … click here for more.

Thanks to OfficeTally reader Lal for the Kristin tidbit!