The Office editors have too much fun on the job

Newly Emmy award-winning Office editors David Rogers and Dean Holland are featured in the latest issue of Editors Guild Magazine:

The editors receive a lot of footage, all of it shot hand-held, according to Rogers. “It’s tricky making it all seem cohesive,” he explains. We have so many great actors to cut to, and they give so much in their performances. But cutting the show can be a challenge.” The greatest challenge to editing The Office is definitely the amount of footage,” adds Holland, picking up the conversation. “There’s so much good material and 21 minutes and 15 seconds [the length of an episode, sans commercials] is not a lot of time.”

It’s a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at The Office’s editing process. If you like geeking out about such details, you will love the article. Photos, too!

Congratulations again, David and Dean, on the Emmy win!

Link: Cutting Up in the Workplace, The Editors of ‘The Office’ Have Too Much Fun on the Job

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