1. My gosh! I panicked so bad! My stars! My heart nearly leapt outta my chest!

    Now I need to slow my heart rate. LOL!

  2. The Onion News Network is so funny. At first I was worried, but when I saw the link was to the Onion, I was excited.

  3. My heart skipped a beat when I saw “The Office Ends” on my RSS feed. When I saw it was from The Onion, I was relieved, and then I laughed. :) Entertaining article.

  4. Whew! It’s just The Onion. For a split second, I thought they were serious. I just know I’m going to die when it ends for real. I’ll be depressed for months. Maybe years. I dunno. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  5. The funny article after the jump was not enough to make up for the momentary shock and anxiety I experienced when I saw that heading!

  6. I’m cracking up that people are actually concerned. If our beloved show was actually calling it quits the article wouldn’t be from the “documentarian”, nor would the first blurb of it be found in The Onion.
    That being said, the article was pretty funny.

  7. “I have no idea why we were invited to Jim and Pam’s wedding” lol

    But it does beg the question..what is this “documentary” about? Is it about the lives of people who work in an office? Is it about a American business? About paper? Why has it taken 6 years to get enough footage?

    Obviously, yes, it is a tv show, but the writers may have to answer this one day. But great snippet from the Onion!

  8. I just gasped out loud and everyone at work turned to look at me. I think my heart just stopped! It restarted when the link took me to the Onion’s website. That was so NOT funny!

  9. Love the Onion! I was just thinking about this yesterday! I wondered whether or not the footage was supposed to be for a documentary film (and if it was, why had it taken so many years to get enough footage) or for a local tv show similar to the premise of the actual show(in which case, wouldn’t the employees of DM Scranton be local celebrities?). I think it would be interesting to see the ramifications of local fame on the employees (Michael, Kelly, Ryan, ANDY!…haha).

    Then again, maybe it IS supposed to be for a local tv show but it is so uninteresting or unmemorable to the citizens of Scranton that nobody even remembers it.

    Mostly I just try not to think about it too much and enjoy the show instead. Still fun to ponder sometimes!

  10. I got this as a tweet on my phone on the way home, and I freaked out/literally ran upstairs to see what it was about going, “WHAT?! NO! It’s supposed to have at least another year! It has the best ratings of NBC’s Thursday shows! WTH?! NOOOOO!”

    I should have known better, but hey, I got two hours of sleep last night.

    Ugh. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when this show is over, but I really hope the announcement won’t come as a random shock. I may never recover. haha

  11. Too funny.

    I’ve always been of the mindset they planned to film for a few weeks, discovered how great Michael and Dwight played on camera, and how touching the Jim and Pam romance was so they stuck around. It would then get kinda meta as we, the real world audience, are seeing dailies, while in the Dunderverse the footage has yet to be released, be it as a documentary film, miniseries, or other.

    Then again, maybe a simple clerical error changed the doc crew’s contract with Dunder Mifflin from one year to ten. Oops.

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