Season 5 finale is The Office’s 100th episode!

From Jenna Fischer’s latest MySpace blog:

I just found out that Ken [Kwapis] has signed on to direct our Season Finale — which also happens to be our 100th episode!

You can find a few preliminary details about this on OfficeTally’s Season 5 news and spoilers page. (No spoilerish discussion on this post, please.)

An incredible achievement for the show we love! I wonder how we will celebrate …

Here’s the current episode count.

The Office Episode Count


  1. I’m having trouble with the math. Stress Relief was number 78 right? NBC ordered 28 episodes, Stress Relief was number 13. The finale should be number 93. Are we getting seven hour long episodes along the way? Maybe I’m missing something.

  2. Wow, we’re talking season finale already? It feels like we just got the premiere. So nice to hear that Ken has signed on for that episode. He’s part of The Office family. Good news!

  3. I was thinking about this at the beginning of the season! It was kind of crappy that the strike put #100 on hold, but now it’s the season finale, so all is forgiven…how fun will this be?

  4. Wow, pretty impressive!

    I hope they start “winding down” though in the next couple of seasons (I would end it in season 7 or 8). They need to end the show while it is in its prime and not draw it out forever. Kind of like Lost is doing.

    Of course, this is NBC. So that probably won’t happen.

  5. Well by my math:

    Stress Relief was the 86th 1/2 hour episode block and the 15th 1/2 hour episode block this season. NBC ordered 28 1/2 hour blocks so that would mean that there is only 13 1/2 hour episode blocks left. That would bring it to a total of 99 1/2 hour episode blocks (86+13). So there is still one missing.

  6. #6 Nathan: You probably have figured it out better than I have, but Stress Relief was actually an hour episode, so does that change anything?

  7. Hey guys…When Lecture Circuit became an unexpected 2-part episode that brought our total for the year to 29 half hour episodes. I’m told the one-hour finale would be episodes 99 and 100.

    [from tanster: oh my goodness, it’s Jenna Fischer! thanks, Jenna, for the clarification!]

  8. Wow! #100 already!
    I’ve probably watched every episode 10 times so if I do the math, I spent about 360 hours watching the Office…!
    Time well spent!

  9. Congrats Jenna and the whole crew! In this day and age of television, 100 episodes is such a great accomplishment. That is, to maintain such a high quality and reach 100 episodes while doing so…wow!

  10. #7. Erin: Yes, I did take that into account and should have stated that Stress Relief was episode #85 and #86.

    On a side note, this season is huge! It’s going to make for a great DVD. It is the largest season to date, has the 100th episode, and has a webisode mini-series.

  11. 100!!! Wahoo!!!
    And okay, this is incredible. This is the only fansite where the lead actors give direct clarification on an issue. So cool… : D

    Thanks for the info, Jenna!
    And Tanster, thanks to you for all you do here for our little show! I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t check OfficeTally everyday…

  12. Wow, Jenna Fischer posted a comment! She really brightened my day, and that’s saying something because I’m at work and it has not been a good day.

  13. Jenna Fischer leaving comments…one of the many reasons why this is the #1 fanstie for the best show ever…(thanks tanster…and Jenna for taking the time!) whatever happens for the 100th episode…it will be awesome!!!

  14. “I wonder how we will celebrate…” Well, maybe an Inaugural OfficeTally Season Finale Viewing Party is in order? I imagine May would be a great time to visit northern California. ;)

  15. Given that the temperature here in Ontario is about -20 today, I’m up for the trip to California, Laura! Or maybe I’ll take a week off work and just watch every episode of The Office back-to-back-to-back. Season 1 and 2 on Monday, Season 3 on Tuesday, Season 4 on Wednesday and Season 5 on Thursday, leading up to the big finale.

    P.S. Happy Anniversary to you today, Tanster! Thanks so much for all you do!

  16. WOW! 100 already?! Congrats to Randall, and the rest of the office cast and crew and writers!

  17. #5 – Tylerdw,

    “Kind of like Lost is doing.”

    Are you kidding me!! Seasons 4 and 5 (so far) has been MUCH better than Season 3 and 2. Lost is getting better as it nears its end (which is next year).

  18. Wow, there are some high level fact checkers on this site.

    [from tanster: NBC actually laughed at my obsessive-compulsiveness about this list. i kind of feel like dustin hoffman from ‘rain man.’ :) ]

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