1. Boo Olympics. Ok, go USA, but c’mon! They should do an Olympics episode of the Office where Michael and Dwight drive to Vancouver and try to get in the stadium.

  2. In the words of Michael Gary Scott, I feel “like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears… and at the same time, somebody else is hitting my soul in the crotch with a frozen sledgehammer… and then a third guy walks in and starts punching me in the grief bone… and I’m crying, and nobody can hear me, because I’m terribly, terribly… terribly alone.”

    Whyyyy?! Why? Gosh, what are we going to do?

    Also, what is a “clip show”?

  3. I second the Q “What is a clip show?”

    I’m sad, January and February are going to drag on without The Office T_T

  4. Looks like March to May will be nothing but new episodes.

    So will the clip show have brief new material where they flashback to old episodes or just simple themed flashbacks?

    13 episodes to open the season with only one week off, that’s never happened before. 3 before the Olympics and then after it should air 11 episodes after them.

  5. I’m not sure, but I think a clip show is not over the course of one day, but a long period of time, like Weight Loss. But I’m not really sure

  6. Well, I hope at least it’s not like when The Office shortened its fourth season because of the strike last year. This is different. Once those episodes are on the air, then it’s olympic time and then the show returns.

  7. Cool I love the Olympics and the show has been slipping this year anyway. Nothing like watching curling at 3am when you can’t sleep. USA USA USA!

  8. As the South Park guys once said, “a clip show is something you do when you have a show to deliver and are fresh out of ideas”

  9. Stop worrying people. Clip shows are a staple part of any long running show. They’re filler episodes and nothing more. The Simpsons have had a ton of them.

  10. @14

    Haha rocket, you’re right, I’m a huge South Park fan, and I think it’s genius that they did a flashbacks episode in Season 2 of SP. Except the flashbacks were always remembered incorrectly, and they all ended with everyone getting ice cream.

  11. This doesn’t seem like a clip show kind of show. I hope it’s just a series of clips and not a “remembering the time when” setup.

  12. Man, that’s a bummer, Feb is such a dull month as well. All I can hope is that the clip show is a tribute edited by Michael Gary Scott, for some kind of anniversary, otherwise it seems like a very cheesy, non-officey setup.

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