The Office extended to TWO more seasons?

Could Season 5 of The Office be a lock? has this news posted on the front page:

Ricky has scored further success in America, with NBC deciding to make two more series* of the US version of his comedy The Office. Network boss Kevin Reilly said That The Office represented ‘the best of what we consider quality shows’. This will bring the total episodes to 94 which will almost certainly mean syndication.

*I think “series” is equivalent to “seasons” in this case.

Assuming 22 episodes each for Seasons 3-5, 94 does add up …

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Tipster: Carly

Just in case the blurb gets removed from Gervais’ site, I took a quick snapshot of it:

The Office Season 5

It is interesting that just within the past few hours, the blurb has already been reworded and no longer mentions syndication.

Also note that this news has NOT been confirmed by NBC.