The Office Fan Ratings, Season 6

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 6.

  1. 6.04-05 Niagara (Avg Rating: 9.06/10)
  2. 6.17-18 The Delivery (Avg Rating: 8.97/10)
  3. 6.07 The Lover (Avg Rating: 8.569/10)
  4. 6.16 The Manager and the Salesman (Avg Rating: 8.568/10)
  5. 6.13 Secret Santa (Avg Rating: 8.567/10)
  6. 6.21 Happy Hour (Avg Rating: 8.43/10)
  7. 6.10 Murder (Avg Rating: 8.36/10)
  8. 6.24 The Cover-Up (Avg Rating: 8.23/10)
  9. 6.01 Gossip (Avg Rating: 8.11/10)
  10. 6.25 The Chump (Avg Rating: 7.939/10)
  11. 6.19 St. Patrick’s Day (Avg Rating: 7.938/10)
  12. 6.23 Body Language (Avg Rating: 7.93/10)
  13. 6.15 Sabre (Avg Rating: 7.80/10)
  14. 6.08 Koi Pond (Avg Rating: 7.75/10)
  15. 6.02 The Meeting (Avg Rating: 7.74/10)
  16. 6.22 Secretary’s Day (Avg Rating: 7.73/10)
  17. 6.09 Double Date (Avg Rating: 7.47/10)
  18. 6.20 New Leads (Avg Rating: 7.29/10)
  19. 6.11 Shareholder Meeting (Avg Rating: 7.25/10)
  20. 6.03 The Promotion (Avg Rating: 6.90/10)
  21. 6.06 Mafia (Avg Rating: 6.67/10)
  22. 6.12 Scott’s Tots (Avg Rating: 6.61/10)
  23. 6.26 Whistleblower (Avg Rating: 6.52/10)
  24. 6.14 The Banker (Avg Rating: 4.48/10)

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  1. Ratings are taking a downward turn every episode… I’m sure that trend will change after Thursday, though… I’m expecting a 9.5+ for the wedding.

    But, I think this season has been really good. I think all 3 episodes have been right up there with the best of season 5.

  2. @ Andrew

    I was just about to say that. I hope this downward spiral stops with the next episode. So far in my opinion, season 6 came out strong and then fell flat with the past 2 episodes.

  3. I can’t believe The Promotion was so low! I thought it was a good, solid episode. Maybe not the funniest episode, but it was solid nonetheless.

    But I agree, Niagara will probably get a much higher rating than the previous episodes.

  4. Weird. The Promotion has been my favorite of the season.

    [from tanster: i also really enjoyed The Promotion.]

  5. I suspect the wedding will give a rating somewhere in the 9 range. Anything heavy in JAM — and this one will certainly have sweet moments — will certainly give the viewers the flutters.

  6. Ouch! While this wasn’t my favorite episode, I didn’t think it was awful either. Tough critics!

  7. I think it’s safe to say that Niagara will end up being the top rated episode of the season. It’s going to be very tough to top it.

  8. Well, guess there’s no need to watch anymore Office this year, since it’s apparently all downhill from here! ;)

  9. I loved Niagara and it may be my favorite episode of all time! So funny and SO SO SO cute. Double wedding? Hell yeah!

  10. WOW I can’t believe Mafia was so low! I laughed so much during this episode, I thought it was great. Guess I’m in the minority there!

  11. I thought Mafia should be a spot higher…for me, The Promotion was one of the worst episodes in the show. Just didn’t like it.

  12. I think I may be the only “Office” fan who preferred “Mafia” to “Niagara.” I’m normally a sucker for the Jim/Pam episodes, but I was disappointed by the wedding.

    Lots of people don’t find the gullibility in “Mafia” believable, but I found it more plausible than plenty of stuff in the past (the nadir being, in my opinion, driving his car into the lake at low speed when nobody would do that). “Mafia” made me laugh quite a bit, with Kevin, Andy the “mechanic,” and, of course, “mukduk.”

  13. I loved Mafia too. The fact that it is now rated the LOWEST episode EVER is a joke. IMO, it’s the closest thing we’ve had to season 3 in a long time.

  14. So far this season I think all the episodes have been good, which is awesome because I didn’t think last season was that great.

  15. I’m shocked at the low rating for Mafia, too. I love the Michael-Dwight-Andy dynamic – three separate forms of dysfunction that compliment each other so well. I think the whole Mafia concept was certainly believable in the scope of the show. It was believable because Grotti’s actions were enough to drive along the trio’s fear, but it was grounded in the fact that the waitress was completely unaffected. Perfectly done, IMO. (And Mukduk? Potentially the best line of the season so far.)

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