The Office Fan Ratings, Season 8

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are the ratings for Season 8.

  1. 8.15 Tallahassee (Avg Rating: 8.47/10)
  2. 8.10 Christmas Wishes (Avg Rating: 8.30/10)
  3. 8.16 After Hours (Avg Rating: 8.18/10)
  4. 8.13 Jury Duty (Avg Rating: 8.12/10)
  5. 8.04 Garden Party (Avg Rating: 7.83/10)
  6. 8.17 Test The Store (Avg Rating: 7.824/10)
  7. 8.14 Special Project (Avg Rating: 7.82/10)
  8. 8.23 Turf War (Avg Rating: 7.75/10)
  9. 8.07 Pam’s Replacement (Avg Rating: 7.72/10)
  10. 8.18 Last Day In Florida (Avg Rating: 7.71/10)
  11. 8.02 The Incentive (Avg Rating: 7.69/10)
  12. 8.09 Mrs. California (Avg Rating: 7.60/10)
  13. 8.01 The List (Avg Rating: 7.48/10)
  14. 8.11 Trivia (Avg Rating: 7.28/10)
  15. 8.12 Pool Party (Avg Rating: 7.23/10)
  16. 8.06 Doomsday (Avg Rating: 7.16/10)
  17. 8.05 Spooked (Avg Rating: 7.05/10)
  18. 8.24 Free Family Portrait Studio (Avg Rating: 6.79/10)
  19. 8.03 Lotto (Avg Rating: 6.43/10)
  20. 8.20 Welcome Party (Avg Rating: 6.38/10)
  21. 8.22 Fundraiser (Avg Rating: 6.05/10)
  22. 8.21 Angry Andy (Avg Rating: 5.84/10)
  23. 8.19 Get The Girl (Avg Rating: 5.65/10)
  24. 8.08 Gettysburg (Avg Rating: 5.55/10)

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  1. I absolutely agree! I think this season has been so great so far and I’m glad so many people think so, too!

  2. Wow, “Garden Party” was voted the highest so far? That episode was just plain horrible. It felt like a filler episode where they just wanted to show that they could get Josh Groban to guest star. It made no sense and showed me that this show will not last long (that’s what she said).

  3. Makes sense. Garden Party was by far the best episode so far of this season. Any episode with Mose is a winner to me!

  4. I like the new episodes, I think some fans are expecting Andy to be a “Michael Scott” and as much as we loved him he’s not a main character right now. I also think the producers are trying way too hard to make him like Scott. If they just let Andy be Andy I think the show will do fine. Take the Andy character back to where he used to be. Quirky and awkward lol.

  5. I do not agree with this list at all. I do think that Garden Party was the best episode, but I believe Lotto is #2, and The List is the worst of the bunch. I will even go as far to say “The List is the worst episode of the office I have ever seen…The Banker was better”.
    That being said, i actually have enjoyed this season, but I very much look forward to them stepping it up, which I think they will. I have hope,

  6. Are you guys serious? Garden Party was so outrageous it completely took me out of the show. Who in their right mind would actually write a book, pay to have it published, then sell it on ebay (with a kid on the way!) just to mess with someone?

  7. I absolutely love the office. i have seen every episode multiple times, but this season really has let me down. I knew going into it that there would be a big change without Michael, but i believe that the writing is not as good as it used to be. I also think that andy needs to go back to being the funny awkward guy. he is not a leading character and the writers don’t see that. the show should have an episode with michael and holly’s wedding. that would really skyrocket the numbers.

  8. I loved The List and would put it first – it is actually one of the first season openers that lived up to my expectations. So far I’m really enjoying this season overall and think that people are being a bit harsh in their ratings – that’s what happens after eight seasons though and I think you would find that with any show on this long. It’s not just the show that changes – it’s the audience too.

  9. Garden Party isn’t the best this year. I’d say it’s the worst. And The List isn’t remotely close to the worst episode ever. So far I’ve liked Incentive best I think. Then The List, Lotto and Garden Party. Andy keeps getting worse so I hope we’re through the Andy-centric portion of the season. He’s had good and bad and the bad keeps getting stronger and totally overran the good in the last episode.

  10. @ TobyFan

    Higly agree with you, I think people need to be less harsh and just be more supportive of the show. Yes I know Steve is gone and everything, but the show is still trying to hit its stride without him. Out of all the seasons of the Office, Season 7 is down on my list as the worst, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. People just need to enjoy it for what it is. I will guarantee you guys that it will get better in the weeks to come, I know it for a fact.

  11. @Cd78 – Just a few of my own thoughts.

    1- Jim has always been elaborate with his pranks, because A) Dwight’s not stupid, and B) Dwight is quite paranoid, which causes him to be on his guard at all times. Also, it’s obvious that Jim takes pride in the scope of some of his pranks.

    2- Jim works in the paper industry, so he most likely has contacts with local book publishers who might owe him a favor.

    Just sayin’, it may not have been the monumental task that you’re making it out to be.

  12. Season 8 has been tanking fast….

    The List – 7.64 million views
    The Incentive – 6.7 million views
    Lotto – 5.82 million views
    Garden Party – 6.08 million views

    With this trend, season 8 will be the last season

  13. @ #5: I totally agree! I miss the silly, quirky Andy. He used to be one of my favorites on the show, but his character has changed a lot. I hope they bring more of the old Andy back to the show.

    I do think that this season has been pretty strong for losing such an important cast member. I am pleased with what they are doing as a whole.

  14. @HmmWhat

    The ratings are only down ~10% compared to the first four weeks of last season. Also, The Office is still the highest rated scripted show on NBC so unless things get far worse, I don’t see this being the last season.

  15. A bit surprised Garden Party was highest rated. I thought it was the worst as well. A bit more depressing than it was funny imo. I can see them making Holly and Michael’s wedding the season 9 premiere or season 8 finale (if it’ll be the series finale). Really, who gets married in a matter of weeks?

  16. Why are the writers barely giving Dwight Schrute more material in season 8. I guess my issue is they are no longer digging into the depths of characters and just keeping it surface.

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