1. That looks like a wedding…right??

    Third one looks like a Q&A for the real show and not just the fictional documentary haha!

    [from tanster: it does, right? so surreal.]

  2. From what I can see, these pictures have ruled out two possibilities on whose wedding it could be:

    Not Kelly/Ryan, as Ryan does not have a ring on his finger, nor are they dressed in groom/bride dress.

    Not Angela/Dwight, as there is no ring on Dwight’s hand either, THOUGH it could be that the Q/A takes place before the wedding… yet you would figure he would want to sit next to Angela… UNLESS it’s Dwight and that farm girl who are getting married.

    Just some conspiracy theories, haha

  3. Yeah, in #3 Rainn looks very Dwightish, but Jenna, John and Brian look like themselves.

  4. Observations:

    1) In the picture with Kelly & Ryan, there’s a wagon wheel just to her left. I’m thinking Schrute Farms and a Dwight/Angela wedding.

    2) Look at their faces in the Q&A picture. They’re all combinations of happy & surprised…maybe by someone that just walked in…someone they haven’t seen in a while…someone that would make even Dwight Schrute look emotional. Hmm…

  5. #3 looks like a pic from the Retrospective? I don’t know, it doesn’t really look like it’s from the actual show…

    The wedding may be for dwight/angela, but part of me is hoping for pete and erin to get married in this ep lol

    [from tanster: picture #3 is indeed from the finale.]

  6. Maybe they’re bringing back Michael and it’s his and Holly’s wedding! Everything coming full circle.

  7. Well, if #3 is definitely from the finale, then Jim and Pam both still have wedding rings on and it looks like they are dressed for Philly rather than Scranton.

  8. There is something VERY ODD about the heads of the three or four people at left of photo number three… Looks photoshopped or something. They’re giant!

  9. Based on a pic of the cast Rainn Wilson recently tweeted, I speculate it’s a Dwangela wedding. Rainn looks like he’s wearing a tux (though he took off the blazer and tie) and Angela’s wearing a little white dress.

  10. Based on pic #7, I say it IS Dwight getting married. They look like they’re at Schrute Farms picking out a menu for the wedding, and Dwight’s cousin is there, so Dwight’s getting hitched. Now, to who is now under speculation, I believe it’s to Esther because in the episode summary for A.A.R.M. it says he plans on proposing to her, so he could do so and get hitched to her in the finale.

  11. Hmmm…I think It’s Dwight’s wedding to Esther and maybe Angela breaks it up? It’s weird he’d invite Ryan and Kelly though. Michael would definitely invite those two but I doubt they would have waited this long to get married. Hopefully Michael shows up as best man or to the documentary panel :)

  12. @16 I totally agree I wish I hadn’t, but I just couldn’t stand not looking at them. It looks like they’re gonna make it epic.

  13. Do you think it’s set a little bit in the future? That would explain why in pic 3 everyone looks different except Dwight and there’s people we don’t know in those last two pics.

  14. Looks like Jim and Pam stay at Dunder Mifflin (pics 8-10), which would most likely disappoint me. But then in the documentary panel pictures… that isn’t Scranton mom Pam. Her hair! Her outfit! She looks like businesswoman Pam from late season 5 and season 6. I guess we’ll just have to wait… and find out…

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