The Office finale table read

Monday, May 5th, 2014 | 7 comments


The most amazing cast and staff gather for one final table read of The Office.

As Michael Scott would say, it’s emotionally magnificent.


  1. 1. Carla  

    Is this the same thing that’s on the last season DVD? Wondering if I need to watch this also. :)

  2. 2. CreedThoughts  

    Tanster, has there ever been confirmation on whether or not the Matrix cold open was ever shot? I hope it was and will be included in a box set or some future release!

  3. 3. Mari  

    I haven’t been this teared up since the final episode aired a year ago.

  4. 4. twothumbs  

    I loved that Creed read the lines that would eventually go to MICHAEL SCOTT!

  5. 5. Jam fan  

    Thank you for posting this – that was amazing! It really was emotionally magnificent :) I especially loved how choked up Pam/Jenna got at the end . . .

  6. 6. PatSH  

    Been a long time since I checked Office Tally…thanks Tanster for many years of making being an Office fan so fun…I don’t think I will ever be quite as engaged with a show as I was with the Office. I loved watching the final read through…thanks for posting. And…I loved how John Krasinski looked straight into the camera with a smile at the very end….a final classic Jim Halpert move….

  7. 7. BrokenBrain  

    Loved this! How I miss this show! Nothing else has really taken its place.

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