Five Minutes for the Fans

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 | 94 comments


To kick off Season 6 finale week, OfficeTally presents Five Minutes for the Fans. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone at The Office who helped make this video!

I would also like to thank Tallyhead Ruben. Find out why here.

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  1. 94. Huge_DM  

    OK, Just watched this awesome Vid!! Thank U Tanster for going above & beyond for us TallyHeads, LOL…

  2. 93. treybomb  

    man this is soooo cooool!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!

  3. 92. Katy  

    Tanster, I JUST found this. You are so lucky and such a great representative for the Office fans. They are not only amazing actors but also amazing people. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. 91. Alex  

    What a team they all are! I like it.

  5. 90. AB  

    Tanster this was such a great idea. Also, I just wanna say thanks again for all the effort you put into Office Tally. I’m a fan of The Office and of yours! Keep up all the great work!

    [from tanster: thank you!]

  6. 89. Amy  

    Tanster, are we ever going to get your set visit report from this year or was this video in place of it?

  7. 88. Emily  

    Well, my earlier guesses were wrong. :)

    So great to see the cast goof off and have fun…Phyllis and Ed were a hoot!

    But I love how sincere and grateful Jenna is…no wonder why she is America’s sweetheart.

  8. 87. Bebe  

    That was awesome!! thanks so much Tanster, i love love love this show and the cast & the crew are hands down the best people on TV.

  9. 86. Amy  

    Tanster, when will you begin posting your report/pictures from your visit. After that lackluster finale, I need something to tide me over and I’m counting on you.

  10. 85. bex  

    wow, how cool was that?!

  11. 84. Jen Halpert  

    Awesome video Tanster! Sad the last episode of the season is on tonight. Happy Birthday to me :).

  12. 83. LoveJim  

    Extra awesome!

  13. 82. StephP  

    Once again Tanster is the Best!

    Thank you for the video and thanks to all those that said hi to us fans via you!

  14. 81. Brett  

    I LOVE The Office and I LOVE OfficeTally!!!

  15. 80. Winnie  

    oh wow! thanks, great job!

  16. 79. Mimi H  

    I got teary eyed… I love this show so much! these guys are the best. So cool that these people actually know your name and you get to hang out with them, you definitely deserve it for all the hard work you do.

  17. 78. Randy  

    What? No Krasinski? Seriously, though, the cast and crew of The Office are just so cool for doing this! Awesome job, Tanster!

    [from tanster: got as many as i could but sorry i missed john, b.j., mindy, and paul!]

  18. 77. Ashley  

    This was wonderful! The Office cast are so sweet for doing this for their fans.
    Thanks for sharing this Tanster. I’m glad you had fun!! Did you ever think this would happen? :)

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! and no, never in a bazillion years. :) ]

  19. 76. Carlin  

    Thanks Tanster!! I especially loved Kate popping out of the fridge, Ed’s dance skillz, Angela, and Phyllis! Craig, Leslie, Jenna, Rainn, Brian… all were so sweet and funny! What a creative group of people! <3 the Office, <3 the cast and crew, <3 this website!!

  20. 75. JMJ  

    I LOVE this. Love Ed’s dance. Great work Tanster.

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