The Office: Fundraiser, 8.22

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The Office Fundraiser David Wallace

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): Andy makes a splash at a local fundraiser — unemployed Andy crashes a fundraiser for the Senator and winds up adopting twelve disabled dogs. Dwight discovers that winning an auction means losing money, and Darryl teaches Nellie how to eat a taco. Guest stars: Jack Coleman, Catherine Tate.

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In a poll conducted April 26-30, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.05/10

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Manually transcribed by tanster. :)

Ryan: Smokey’s dead.
Pam: Smokey the Bear?
Pam: Tracks of My Tears, and, what else, what are some more, what’s one more.

Ryan: I’m sorry I’m not a fan of Jason Mraz, or the Beatles…

Oscar: It says here the Smokey Robinson dead thing is a hoax. It’s on CNN as of two minutes ago.

Ryan: Paul Anka? How can they let the Smoke Man play with someone like that?

Pam: Tears of a Clown.
Ryan: Don’t call me a clown, Pam. You’re better than that.

Robert: I feel like I’m being strangled. Like I’m at some erotic asphyxiation sex club over on I-84, the Red Room, say? Or Dominic’s?

Angela: It is going to be a who’s who of the northern 22nd district.

Dwight: There is a disgruntled ex-employee sitting in his car in the parking lot.

Dwight: Could be a series of guns, all lined up to shoot parallel.

Nellie: Everybody told me if I moved to America, I’d be murdered.

Angela: We think you might kill Robert.

Nellie: The only thing standing in our way is the contempt he seems to feel for me.

Andy: Where do I look? It’s been so long since I did one of these things.

Kevin: I just bid $20 on six jujitsu lessons. No one’s raping this guy.

Dwight: You guess the price, you win the prize. Have you never been to a Quaker fair before?

Ryan: Oh this guy’s having a breakdown.

Senator Robert Lipton: I’m more likely to pick up at night, say, after 9.

Oscar: This confirms three things: I’m right about the senator, I still got it, and poor Angela.

Robert: So Thomas Oregon is an evil figure?

Meredith: Hey, Jabroni, show some class.

Andy: Why don’t you quit harshing our mellow?

Jim: Isn’t it possible that he was just schmoozing a voter?

Jim: Life isn’t Downton Abbey.
Pam: Life is Downton Abbey.

Dwight: Like candy from a baby.

David Wallace: I poured myself into this ridiculous vacuum for toys, called Suck It, then suddenly out of nowhere, the U.S. military bought the patent from me for 20 million dollars.

Nellie: What I wouldn’t give for a big mess of tacos. Right now.

Nellie: As long as they’re not slimy, and please god, don’t let them have eyes!

Andy: I’m going to take that bitch home. That is a female dog reference.

Oscar: I’d have to be a monster to root for that. A lonely, aging monster.

Erin: This is my life now. I’m a dog nurse.

Dog guy: I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t get to be in a lot of human conversations.

Kevin: All times. All the time. Every of the time.

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  1. Wow, there’s a spoiler if ever I saw one! Andy’s unemployed?! OMG! Really wish I hadn’t read this.

  2. Ok, so spoiler alert!!
    Looks like Andy is going to lose the fight against nellie.

    And, am I the only one who thinks that the plots of recent episodes are a little weird? I mean, look at that!

  3. Wow, I guess Andy is fired, I hope so much that Catharine tate is not going to be on next season. I doubt it.

  4. Not happy about Nellie still being here, I mean I like her-and certainly don’t hate her, but I’d rather see a story revolving around Kevin, or Meredith, or Erin, no more new characters!!

  5. Well, at least we get to see Nellie eat a taco. Really? THAT is part of a plot? Also, this seems like a strange list of events. Dwight learns you lose money at an auction, and Andy adopts 12 dogs? Unless Andy’s drunk or something, this episode is gonna be shotty.

  6. okay, seriously, are the writers having a collective nervous breakdown?!
    I mean, I’m all for the Andy unemployed thing, it could be interesting if played out correctly
    But adopting 12 dogs? Why are they making everything so over-the-top sitcommy?

    And Darryl teaching Nellie how to eat a taco sounds more like a running joke on an episode instead of an actual subplot, no idea why they actually took the time to write it out on the summary.
    Not lookin good for this episode…

  7. There are enough episodes left this season for Andy to be re-hired. (Hopefully.)

    Perhaps this is part of Robert California’s plan to get rid of Nellie for good. I am not worried that Andy will stay fired.

  8. Okay, why is the documentary crew following Andy if he’s no longer working at Dunder-Mifflin? If that’s allowed, I wish they had followed Michael…

  9. Everyone needs to understand that when they filmed these final episodes of the season, many of the performers had not signed contract extensions (including Krasinki, Fischer and Helms). Adding that to Mindy Kaling’s and Paul Lieberstein’s uncertain future (because of pending work on other series)…they MUST write a season finale story that leaves almost EVERYONE’S fate up in the air. That seems to be where they’re headed…

  10. Andy should start his own paper company..that’ll show them. But yeah, I agree that is a weird plot summary.

  11. Ugh. What show is this? Please make Andy, Robert California, and Nellie go away. 90% of this season has been so disappointing.

  12. Unemployed Andy? Nellie still here, and we have to watch her eat tacos? In the words of Michael Scott: NOO GOD! NO. GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!

  13. I’d put down $25 that Andy is back as manager by the 1st episode of Season 9.

  14. The Dwight auction stuff sounds like a repeat of the episode in Friends where Joey bids on a boat and finds out that he actually has to pay for it….how low The Office has sunk.

  15. Unemployed Andy? That’s a bit of a major spoiler, eh?! So he was either fired or he quit. Oh, I really do dislike this storyline. Isn’t Ed Helms out of contract though? I suppose the writers need to leave Andy’s story open in case Ed decides not to return. I read somewhere that Hangover 3 starts filming in September.

  16. @Gazzoo – They have followed Michael, remember the whole Michael Scott paper company?

  17. I don’t think Andy is gonna lose his job. He’s the top manager this season, and Nellie is crossing the line with everybody in the office. Save the Nard Dog!!!!!

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