The Office: Get The Girl, 8.19

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The Office: Get The Girl

Writer: Charlie Grandy, Director: Rainn Wilson

Summary (NBC): Andy takes a road trip to change his life — Andy makes a life altering decision and drives across the country to get Erin. Meanwhile, Nellie shows up in Scranton and tries to claim the manager position. Guest star: Catherine Tate.

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In a poll conducted March 15-19, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.65/10

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The Office Get The Girl quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Pam: Everybody, the balloon is falling!

Kevin: When that went up there, I had hair like Rapunzel.

All: Kill the balloon! Kill the balloon!

Nellie: Do you call that a King James breakfast pie?

Toby: Welcome. I’m Tony.

Nellie: If the seat is open, the job is open. It’s how I came to briefly race a Formula One car. The three slowest laps ever recorded.

Erin: Listen to me. Bragging away.

Andy: My heart is my map.

Andy: Thanks a lot, B.P.

Robert: Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves, Jim.

Jim: What is going on? And where’s Andy? And what is going on?

Irene: Where’s the ring, Lancelot?

Nellie: Hey, this is messed up, bro! Who is this weird lady?

Nellie: I’m very good at intuiting names. Is it… Chumbo?

Robert: Kevin ate someone’s lunch, Phyllis has a new necklace, who is this woman?

Glen: Erin, you really nailed the hot dogs today.

Erin: You didn’t even stop to pee? Gross.

Dwight: Those who can’t farm, farm celery.

Dwight: There’s no limit to what I think I deserve.

Dwight: Money isn’t real ever since we got off the gold standard.

Robert: Take the family to Disney Town?

Robert: Would you prefer a nature metaphor or a sexual metaphor?

Robert: All life is sex. And all sex is competition. And there are no rules to that game.

Robert: There is one person in charge of every office in America. That person is Charles Darwin.

Dwight: Well fought. I accept the outcome.

Creed: Touch me and I’ll sue.

Erin: You broke my heart more recently and more often.

Andy: I am so sorry that we have not loved each other at the same time.

Pam: I like consistency in the manager’s position. No weird silent coups.

Nellie: Dreamt I could breathe underwater like Jacques Cousteau.

Nellie: When you wake up, you will earn more money.

Pam: I think… you’re a witch.

Irene: Glen’s going to sue Home Depot. He got his foreskin caught in some lawn furniture.

Nellie: I’m Tinkerbell.

Nellie: Now who here believes in Tinkerbell?

Kevin: C’mon, Jim, you’re killing her!

Andy: It’s biodegradable. Animals will eat it.

Andy: How do you not have a toothbrush?

Nellie: Most of my ideas are either unoriginal or total crap.

Nellie: That’s the American dream right there. Anything can happen to anyone. It’s just random.

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  1. I’m also guessing this episode will involve the wilting and tiresome Andy/Erin storyline. You know if the writers spent time actually finding chemistry between characters as opposed to forcing it, more people may actually want to keep tuning in. Novel concept, I know.

  2. It doesn’t sound like the name of an Office episode, don’t you agree?
    It’s a little odd and unusual for The Office!

  3. I bet it centers around who Val wants to be with, whether or not Kelly wants Ryan, and Andy/Erin or Erin/Ryan..

  4. @1, It’s a good possibility this involves Ryan, Kelly, and the Indian doctor. But could the title also refer to…

    …Andy chasing after Erin who stayed in Florida?
    …Robert and Nellie, hinted at a few months ago?
    …Darryl and Val?
    …Angela revealing her baby daddy to her husband?
    …Jim and Pam, after Cathy’s hotel visit comes out?
    …all of the above? Can’t wait for the synopsis!

  5. @1 threatlevelmiddwight: I’m guessing it’s more Andy/Erin, considering the previous episode’s subplot is “Andy learns Erin is staying in Florida”.

  6. It’s going to involve Pam chasing Cathy with a baseball bat while the rest follow behind with pitchforks.

  7. I bet the episode title has a few different meanings. Can’t wait to see the synopsis! And @fancynewwhatever, I’d like to see that for sure!

  8. Totally agree #7! They have been building up sooo much Erin/Andy relationship this year. I just hope that it is not.

    They are not JAM, Dwangela, or Molly … those relationships people like to watch. Andy/Erin is so forced.

  9. I bet the title refers to Andy getting Erin back from Florida, which makes me excited b/c I love Andy and Erin. My favorite thing about the show is those two.

  10. I’m praying this is referring to anyone but Andy and Erin. I just don’t like them together and it definitely feels like a story that has run its course.

  11. I hope this is Val/Darryl. Ugh, I do not like Andy/Erin at all. She just seems so much younger than him and Jessica and Andy seemed so right together. It seemed he was growing up and it was a mature and great relationship. Let Erin find someone younger! I like Erin and I like Andy, just not together! I also hope this is Kelly/Dr. I’m so excited Kelly finally gets to dump Ryan and find someone right for her – hot, successful! Incidentally, Mindy’s book is excellent – highly recommend!

  12. I know I might be in the minority here but I’m a huge fan of Andy and Erin. If this revolves around them, I’ll be extremely happy. Haha!

  13. I don’t care about Andy/Erin, and I haven’t had enough Ryan/Kelly in…years, unfortunately. So fingers crossed!

  14. I am optimistic about this episode based on the title alone. It’s pretty non-generic for this series, and that’s been a good omen in the past (see: THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT).

  15. What I think it may be is involving several love triangles/squares. The Office has had several episode titles that refer to more than one story line, and “Get The Girl” just doesn’t sound like a single plot that would be used as the A plot. It will definitely involve several people; The only one I doubt is the Ryan/Kelly/Doctor one, as I don’t know if they have filmed that yet.

  16. No more Andy and Erin. In fact, less Erin in general would be nice. Getting tired of the whole Erin’s an airhead and Kevin’s a moron bits.

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