The Office: Gettysburg, 8.08

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The Office: Gettysburg

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Andy decides to motivate and inspire everyone by taking them on a field trip to Gettysburg. Some people in the office stay behind and Robert California asks them to come up with Dunder Mifflin/Sabre’s next big idea. Guest star: Lindsey Broad.

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In a poll conducted November 17-21, 2011, Tallyheads rated this episode: 5.55/10

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The Office Gettysburg quotes

Kelly: Oh my god, kill me.

Pam: I’m going into labor!

Ryan: Okay, three reasons you are wrong about True Blood.

Andy: Man! Business is war!

Andy: Today, I’m turning the inspire-factor up to 10. With a little help from my friend, America’s Bloodiest Battle.

Andy: Is anyone kosher or halal?

Dwight: Guess I’m a sucker for historical fiction.

Darryl: You know I just got Limitless on my iPad, I bet I could get it on the TV.

Andy: If we were going to visit Bradley Cooper’s birthplace, I’d be the first one suggesting it. I’d be rooting for it.

Pam: I can’t get a fire pit. I have two babies.

Ryan: Robert, you got your sheep, and you got your black sheep, and I’m not even a sheep. I’m on the freaking moon.

Robert: Brainstorm some innovations. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it.

Andy: We’re here. Limitless can wait.

Darryl: I got Source Code on the way back.

Jim: No, of course we’re not tourists. We’re just people that aren’t from here taking a tour.

Andy: After Chancellorsville, Lee brought his army up the Shenandoah Valley right through here! They stopped in this field for a picnic. Which they called lunch.

Dwight: When you’re talking about DPA — that’s deaths per acre — nothing beats the Battle of Schrute Farms.

Erin: DPA sounds way more important than total deaths.

Dwight: It makes the Battle of Gettysburg sound like a bunch of schoolgirls wrestling over a hairbrush.

Oscar: Why don’t you tell us the real history, Gore Vidal.

Dwight: Big, mad props to Gettysburg.

Robert: I am so eager to hear your game changers.

Ryan: Raw fish. The disgusting food from Japan that Americans would never want to eat.

Ryan: From movie stars to construction workers, sushi is what’s for dinner.

Ryan: Origami. It’s the sushi of paper.

Stanley: Papyr. Paper for Women. It’s pink, scented, and silky soft.

Oscar: I apologize for my friend and for the Republicans who are cutting your funding.

Gabe: Hello, I’m Abraham Lincoln. Some people call me The Great Emancipator, but you might know me from the penny.

Pam: At this point, when you’re this pregnant, it’s kind of like senior spring. The other day, I spit my gum out on the carpet.

Kevin: The real best spot is D4. That’s where the eyes go.

Ryan: Okay, we are now on a planet where Kevin is the most creative person around, and I am just some good-looking guy.

Robert: So what is Dunder Mifflin’s oatmeal cookie?

Erin: Hunger for chicken chimichangas! Right, Darryl?
Darryl: That’s good.

Andy: Colonel Harrison Jeffords of the Fourth Michigan Infantry saw his flag being carried away. Chased it down with nothing but a sword.

Andy: Spangler Spring is a mile this way.

Phyllis: All I had for breakfast was oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, orange juice, and toast. Two poached eggs, and then half a sandwich on the bus.

Robert: And why is Black Rock suddenly the paragon by which all hedge funds must now be compared?

Kevin: Yes. I am an accountant.

Soldier’s letter: “It is three months since I arrived at Schrute Farms and I fear I may never leave this place alive. Melvin Fifer Garris.”

Amanda Fields-Shad: I like to think of Schrute Farm as the Underground Railroad for the sensitive and, well, fabulous.

Kevin: Never trust a cookie with a woman’s name. Pecan Sandy. Lorna Doone. Madeleine. They’ll just break your heart.

Kevin: Every time you buy a Big Mac, you set one ingredient aside. Then, at the end of the week, you have a free Big Mac. And you love it even more because you made it with your own hands.

Darryl: Phyllis is sitting on the ground, eating a dirty sandwich.

Jim: Sorry everybody else didn’t come. I think they’re just tired. With holes in their shoes. And they have dysentary.

Andy: Our office has a disease. And it goes by many names. Sarcasm. Snark. Wisecracks.

Jim: I’ve been getting weird looks all day because I’m pretty sure “DM does GB” means something kind of sexual.

Gabe (as Abraham Lincoln): I need her like I need a hole in the head.

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  1. I feel like there have been too many “field trips” this season. More episodes should be strictly in the office. Every episode except Lotto and Spooked have had other venues..

  2. The List – in Office for everything except one little lunch, and even old office episodes did that (eg. The Coup, Business Ethics)

    The Incentive – tattoo parlor, but TOTALLY worth it

    Lotto – in office

    Garden Party – completely out of office, but really well done

    Spooked – in office

    Doomsday – gonna be in office

    Pam’s Replacement – gonna be an in office episode

    Gettysburg – the summary says its half in/half out

    basically, I won’t complain as long as the out of office episodes don’t suck!

  3. I agree with #3. This will be episode #8, and it will be the 2nd out-of-office episode. That’s 1 for every 4. Season 3, which was definitely the peak year for the Office IMO, had around 9 or so out-of-office episodes, depending on your definition, out of 23, which is about 2 in 5 (way more often than 1 in 4), including the last 3 of the year. Season 2, which many people say was the best year, had about 8 out-of-office episodes out of 22, which is more often than 1 in 3. Considering the quality of these episodes has remained consistent from then to now, someone who is opposed to field trip episodes (not me, btw) has no reason to complain.

  4. Scranton to Gettysburg is a 3 hour drive (drove it a lot in college) – so it would have to be an overnighter, unless we are “suspending our disbelief” lol

  5. given the fact that 99% of the office viewers don’t know and don’t care enough to mapquest the distance of drive time from scranton to gettysburg, i’d say that the writers are allowed a little creative liberty here

  6. @7: If you want to get THAT technical, which really isn’t necessary, allow me to defend the writers: I live a 3-hour train or car ride from New York City. I and many others I know have taken day trips to New York for field trips, etc. and, depending on what one plans to do there, you can leave around 6 or 7 in the morning and get back to my town between 7 and 10 at night. So if Scranton-to-Gettysburg, which I’m sure has less traffic, is the same driving time, that’s not “suspending disbelief”.

  7. I live exactly 3 hours from Gettysburg (from the Pittsburgh direction) & my dad and I used to take day-trips to Gettysburg a couple times a year. It’s perfectly do-able.

  8. How many times in the past have characters driven back and forth from New York in one episode? In the third season there was an episode where Jan drove from New York to Scranton to Stamford back to Scranton all in one day. So I don’t think a trip to Gettysburg is that big of a deal.

  9. I’m wondering if Pam is gonna be in this episode, despite the fact she’s on her second maternity leave.

  10. I live 20 minutes down the road from Gettysburg. I didn’t hear anything about them being in town and I think if they were in town I would have heard something. So my guess is no.

  11. Stapler & Tori – I live close to Gettysburg too (York County – woo hoo!), and I didn’t hear anything. I’m sure our local NBC station would have jumped on it if they had filmed here. But I am super excited about this episode! I’ve done day trips to Scranton – it’s really not that far, and it’s mostly major highways. Although I’m not exactly sure what Andy would want to show them there. I hope Dwight goes because it would be really hilarious to see him amid all of the Civil War history. He’d probably get kicked out of the Visitors Center or battlefield area for trying to demonstrate proper use of one of the artifacts.

  12. I worked at the gettysburg reenactment two years ago- and Ed Helms was there- I was told by a staff working there. But that was two years ago. I’m from that area and I hope to God they filmed there!

  13. I have to agree that they’ve taken it “out of the office” less this season than in the past – if you look at the Season 2 episode list, there were a lot of episodes outside the office and many that were half in-half out. If Michael didn’t leave the office, there wouldn’t have been an Office Olympics!

  14. If Ed was there, he probably recommend the idea of going to Gettysburg as an idea for an episode.
    So I bet it’s the real location.

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