Office cast in TVG’s top stars roundup

Question: How many Dunder Mifflinites can you fit in a photo booth?

Answer: A whopping 16, yo!

The latest print issue of TV Guide includes a feature called My Big Year — “our annual roundup of the hot stars and even hotter shows that made 2006 such a beautiful TV year.”

The roundup, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our favorite show — and a cute cast photo.

the office steve carell golden globes


  1. Pauls head looks it too, but this is an awsome pic! I love anything candid (is that the right word?) with these people, they like my favorite group of actors!

  2. I think John’s suit jacket is getting pushed into him causing the bobblehead effect.

    On the flipside, Mindy Kaling looks STUNNING.

  3. awesome pic, it really comes through that these people all enjoy working with each other and it’s so great

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