‘The Office’ Halloween costumes and ideas

2008: Office patterns for pumpkin carving

Halloween costumes pumpkin carving

When I first saw these patterns at the LiveJournal Office site, I contacted Chris (the creator), who then very generously created a bunch more!

Chris notes “that some of these designs work better when carved in relief rather than traditionally.” I’m hoping that some of you try out her patterns and share your photos of them!

Oh I so want to make time this weekend to try one out …

Find all of Chris’ patterns here.


  1. Awe…the Jam pattern is so sweet. Creed is creepy and Ryan is John Cho. I can probably carve out the Angela pattern, but first I need to carve myself a new knife.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  2. I am going as the black cat that Pam did on the halloween episode. I work in an office and we can dress up. Hopefully I am not the only one that does…

  3. #4, Sara in Philly – your Dwight costume was fantastic! Nice job!

    I still haven’t nailed down my Halloween plans, but if I dress up, it will be as Pam because I have appropriate clothes in my closet and I’m too cheap to buy a costume. I’ll try to get my best guy friend to go as Three-Hole-Punch Jim. Hee. :)

    Oh, and that Halloween trailer is so amazing. Kudos to the creator – I wish I was half that creative!

  4. I’m going to attempt to carve the DM logo on my pumpkin this year. I’ll try to get a pic up online soon so you can see what a horrible job I did! ;)

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