1. Awe…the Jam pattern is so sweet. Creed is creepy and Ryan is John Cho. I can probably carve out the Angela pattern, but first I need to carve myself a new knife.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  2. I am going as the black cat that Pam did on the halloween episode. I work in an office and we can dress up. Hopefully I am not the only one that does…

  3. #4, Sara in Philly – your Dwight costume was fantastic! Nice job!

    I still haven’t nailed down my Halloween plans, but if I dress up, it will be as Pam because I have appropriate clothes in my closet and I’m too cheap to buy a costume. I’ll try to get my best guy friend to go as Three-Hole-Punch Jim. Hee. :)

    Oh, and that Halloween trailer is so amazing. Kudos to the creator – I wish I was half that creative!

  4. I’m going to attempt to carve the DM logo on my pumpkin this year. I’ll try to get a pic up online soon so you can see what a horrible job I did! ;)

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