The Office: Heavy Competition, 5.24

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The Office Heavy Competition

Writer: Ryan Koh, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Dwight’s loyalty to Michael is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles (guest star Idris Elba). Meanwhile, Andy tries to provide for all of Jim’s emotional needs.

The Office Heavy Competition rating

In a poll conducted April 16-20, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.66/10

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The Office Heavy Competition quotes

Pam: Turns out there’s no limit to the number of cheese puffs you can throw at someone’s face.

Pam: The timeline’s messy.

Jim: Now we are going bargain hunting in the haunted graveyard of their love.

Pam: Am I walking down the aisle to ‘You Can Call Me Al’?

Andy: Trust me, you will not be walking, you will be boogie-ing.

Dwight: Doesn’t Charles know he’s compromising my attack readiness? It’s not a dress code, it’s a death sentence.

Jim: I think she just didn’t want a crucifix cake.

Andy: I know a few things about love. Horrible, terrible, awful, awful things.

Pam: I’m here. I’m part of this now.

Dwight: I prefer to stand. Less blood clots.

Charles: I like your work ethic. You’re so … focused.

Michael: Is it Mose? Did you put the cover on that well?

Michael: You respect dibs, don’t you?

Michael: Is the cool new guy Charles? Is it Stanley?

Jim: I’m pretty emotionally needy.

Andy: Let me be your traveling pants.

Michael: I … understand … nothing.

Michael: I got hit in the face with a pee-filled water balloon.

Andy: Tuna, be nice to my friend, Jim, okay?

Andy: So what? Your body’s a ten.

Dwight: I think you have the wrong number, Michael.

Michael: I am going to steal all of your clients, and then I am going to kill them in front of you.

Dwight: Oh look, everyone, we’re all making observations!

Ryan: Look at that old dude and his Rolodex go.

Dwight: It’s not exactly like ‘Highlander,’ but still.

Michael: Dwight, not now, we’ve been robbed.

Dwight: Their meatball parm is their worst sandwich!

Dwight: How is Brenda, age four, ponytail, and Simon, age seven?

Dwight: And on the back, he wrote, “Great salesman, better friend.” “Tall” and “Beets.”

Michael: It is like you are buying software from Bill Gates.

Dwight: Spin move!

Dwight: I barge because I care.

Dwight: Notice my persistence and recall.

Michael: Orange means “orange you glad I didn’t bring it up?”

Dwight: How is Tom, the homosexual sophomore?

Michael: What purpose did that serve, apart from abolishing slavery?

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