The Office: Here Comes Treble, 9.05

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 | 67 comments


The Office: Here Comes Treble

Writer: Owen Ellickson, Director: Claire Scanlon

Summary (NBC): Andy deals with a cappella drama — it’s Halloween in the office and Andy invites his college a cappella group to perform, which leads to a confrontation with his frenemy Broccoli Rob. Meanwhile, Dwight finds evidence that a madman is loose in the office and tries to track him down, and the first meeting of Jim’s new job causes a fight with Pam. Guest star: Stephen Colbert.

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The Office Here Comes Treble extras

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  • Videos
  • The cast talks about the Halloween episode
  • The Office executive producer Ben Silverman, appears in the lunch scene in which Jim invests $10,000 in the sports marketing venture.
  • Andy’s a cappella group includes members of the real-life University of Virginia a capella group, Hullabahoos. The founder of the group, UVA alum Halsted Sullivan, is a producer and writer for The Office.
  • Callback: Meredith’s line “Stop baggin’ my head!” is in reference to the Season 3 episode Business School, in which Dwight “bags Meredith’s head” in his attempt to capture a bat that has appeared in the office.
  • Callback: in the Season 7 episode The Sting, Andy reads an article about Broccoli Rob in the newspaper: “Some Vermont-based alums can hear ‘Broccoli’ Rob Blatt, ’96, in the state milk lobby’s new milk awareness song, ‘Calci-YUM!’, featuring Phish’s Trey Anastasio. Says Broccoli, ‘Trey and I had a ton of fun in the studio, and I think you can hear it in the song.'” Anastasio’s name is brought up again in Here Comes Treble by Broccoli Rob himself, which angers Andy.


In a poll conducted October 25-29, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 6.64/10

The Office Here Comes Treble quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Dwight: I mean, the pumpkin should rot off of my head in a month or two. Right?

Dwight: What lab did these little clones escape from?

Meredith: How does it work in the rooms? You get a privacy partition?

Dwight: Hello, little pill. What do you do?

Dwight: Dumatril is licensed to treat anxiety symptoms, such as panic attacks, excessive worrying, and fear. Translation: there’s a madman in our midst.

Dwight: I’ll get my apprehension kit.

Andy: When I got the nickname “Boner Champ,” that is when I became me.

Here Comes Treble member: Did you say you’ve got AIDS?

Andy: Broccoli Rob was Broccoli Rob. Andy Bernard is the Boner Champ.

Creed: It’s Halloween. That is really, really good timing.

Andy: Took the face off. Just seemed easier that way.

Angela: The sweets and savories are all mixed together! This is mayhem!

Erin: Buts are for pooping.

Meredith: Cool. Free upper.

Meredith: Stop baggin’ my head!

Clark: Where’s the band? ‘Cause there’s no way you guys are making this magic with just your mouths.
Creed: That’s what she said.

Stanley: Show some pride. This is crap.

Here Comes Treble member: I thought you were Adam Lambert.

Erin: When you’re with someone, you put up with the stuff that makes you lose respect for them. And that is love.

Broccoli Rob: So just wham! I sprang into action.

Andy: You thought I wanted to sit in the audience like some slutty treb rat?

Broccoli Rob: My pipes are primo, champ!

Broccoli Rob: Why don’t you ask Trey Anastasio about my pipes?

Kevin: I decided acapelca music is awesome.

Kevin: It turn out Pam really, really hates Monster Mash.

Kevin: Pam was like, “No. Hate it. Stupid.”

Andy: If I’m not Boner Champ, I don’t know who I am.

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  1. 67. Holly  

    Probably the weakest episide so far this season, but still way better than anything with RC in it. Loved Oscar’s electoral college costume// loved Erin telling the Treble guys to learn the song// loved Creed’s good timing line. The cold open felt a little silly though.

  2. 66. Bad Idea Jeans  

    According to NBC’s the Office website, Creed was Dexter.

  3. 65. James P. Albini  

    I didn’t like this one that much. Didn’t really enjoy the Here Comes Treble story at all, and for the most part it wasn’t that funny and it was FULL of really weird stuff – Toby, Dwight wanting pills, Oscar reacting very strangely around his secret lover, Jim and Pam arguing in front of everybody. Once again, Creed and Kevin to the rescue with a few good moments. Overall, meh.

  4. 64. Jim  

    Loved the reference to the bat scene from season 3!

    Did anyone else notice the bat decoration hanging in the corner?

  5. 63. dwightsnoot  

    Anything’s better than the god-awful Spooked and Costume Party, right?

    also, was Dwight wearing the pig nose cause he’s sensitive about his tiny nose? lolololol

  6. 62. pete  

    A bit disappointed. I like Spooked better.

  7. 61. twoblackballz  

    May not have been the funniest episode this season, but I’m a sucker for solid a cappella and Karma Chameleon, so 9/10!!

  8. 60. Aizat  

    Andy’s character now is different. Most of us don’t like it. But hey, that’s how Michael behaves when he was in charge. The Office seems a bit different with the absence of Kelly & Ryan. They were not the main characters, but they had been in the show since the first season.

  9. 59. Sara Stricherz  

    This is the third episode in a row in which The Office is blatantly trying to get us to sympathize with Nellie. Hello writers: it’s obvious, and it’s not working. First: Ohh, Andy’s so mean to her for no reason! No reason at all! Second: aww, she’s barren, and bonds with Erin over the adoption! (Something similar already happened with both Michael and Phyllis.) And now she’s riddled with anxiety and helps Dwight, who was always more than in control and calm/confident regarding his life and workplace.
    It doesn’t make sense. They introduced a much different character last season, realized everyone hated it, and now it’s like they’re in contract with her no matter what. It’s so frustrating.

  10. 58. MuckMallard  

    Given that Kelly is no longer on the show, I wonder if Erin would go back to being called by her first name.

  11. 57. Max  

    We better see Toby and Nellie get together before the end of the series. Think about it. Both being so dejected and hated by Andy, they have a lot to bond over.

    Toby has a daughter and Nellie wants to be a mother so badly.

    Plus, they’ve taken so much abuse, especially Toby. They deserve to have some happiness.

    [ from tanster: interesting idea! ]

  12. 56. bucket boy  

    Too much Andy. We’re barely seeing the other characters at all.

  13. 55. Todd  

    I think Toby simply took Nellie’s costume as a sign of affection towards him and he’s obviously very lonely. I don’t think it’s anything weird, he just figured that she was dressing up like him because she had feelings for him.

  14. 54. Max  

    @36 Oscar was the Electoral College.
    @43 Jim & Pam were drowned out by the acapella group but I re-watched and was able to identify all of what they said. Basically the 10k was most of their savings and she was upset that Jim went all in to look like a “team player”.

  15. 53. Barbara Edelman  

    adda — The senator said to Oscar “So you’re a dinosaur?” Oscar replied, “No, I’m the electoral college.” In other words, the electoral college is a political dinosaur. Do you know why Toby went from offering Nellie flowers to smashing them? I missed a minute or 2 there.

  16. 52. Christina  

    As much as I like James Spader as an actor, I never felt he meshed well with The Office and thus with the departure of Steve Carell I really had a hard time feeling anything for The Office last season. This season though is not the case. I love Nellie and the way she interacts with the others in the office … the new guys too. They’ve pumped some new blood into this show. Honestly, if this is how the show continues I could have watched it for at least one more season.

    As far as this episode goes. I loved the Dwight almost becoming human storyline. You can only play a caricature for so long before it just becomes stale. Let us see into Dwight. His storyline with Nellie was funny and touching, but as always Creed steals the episode with just one scene.

  17. 51. Jim and Pam Fan  

    In my opinion, this was actually a very good episode. I really liked the moment where Andy just walked out of the break room because of one of the “Here Comes Treble” members thinking Broccoli Rob had Andy’s nickname.

    Some people think that the writers should stop making Andy look like a person with anger problems again; I disagree. He’s always felt like one of those people that shouldn’t really be the nicest person on the show or whatever. That said, I have to admit I was kind of sad about the argument between Jim and Pam.

  18. 50. Alex  

    I liked Here Comes Treble, Creed’s that what she said, and Erin being assertive and normal for a brief moment. Nellie remains the most extraneous character ever on the show. It’s also pretty obvious that they’re trying Jim and Pam 2.0 with Erin as Pam and Andy as Roy, but isn’t it a problem that a weekly viewer like myself can’t name the new Jim character?

  19. 49. Ginger  

    I agree that at the lunch meeting, Jim didn’t seem like part of the team yet and that his investment was not a big deal. I just hope that it doesn’t blow up in his face. I would love for Jim to succeed and move beyond DM.

    The snowman thing and Toby getting hot and bothered over Sexy Toby was just weird.

  20. 48. lynn  

    I agree with @27. Jim and Andy need to man up. Nellie did – with her costume. Creed wins best costume. Dwight bagging Meredith’s like the bat scene in Season 3. Very funny. Then, Oscar and the gay Senator. Gay love and mental illness taken head on in this episode – what gutsy writing for television. It reminds me why I became a fan of The Office in the first place!

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