The Office: Here Comes Treble deleted scenes

Monday, October 29th, 2012 | 8 comments


Here are deleted scenes from The Office Season 9 episode, Here Comes Treble.

Trying to keep the heat off herself, Nellie helps Dwight investigate the staff.

When it comes to Halloween, Andy knows it’s all about having faith.


  1. 1. Limey  

    Oh, Erin’s face at the end! Here comes trouble…

  2. 2. Karen  

    It feels like Erin is a completely different character this season.
    I’m glad they didn’t add any of that into the show.

  3. 3. pete  

    I wish they had kept it in. I am happy that Erin appears to be growing up. We will see.

  4. 4. Denise  

    Please, please no more Andy & Erin.

  5. 5. bruce  

    Please, no more Andy.

  6. 6. OfficeEpic  

    I wish they would have kept Pam’s that’s what she said
    lol Did anyone notice how plop/Pete said “nope” like Jim does?

  7. 7. Lin Beifunk  

    Normally I love Jim and Pam, but I also love the running gag that absolutely 0 of the office staff cares about their kids. Always makes me laugh.

  8. 8. Jesd  

    wow i love here comes treble — says no one.

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