The Office Fan Ratings, Season 4

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are The Office fan ratings for Season 4.

  1. 4.14 Chair Model (Avg Rating: 8.74)
  2. 4.18-19 Goodbye, Toby (Avg Rating: 8.67)
  3. 4.07-08 Money (Avg Rating: 8.56)
  4. 4.05-06 Launch Party (Avg Rating: 8.43)
  5. 4.01-02 Fun Run (Avg Rating: 8.41)
  6. 4.12 The Deposition (Avg Rating: 8.36)
  7. 4.09 Local Ad (Avg Rating: 8.26)
  8. 4.10 Branch Wars (Avg Rating: 8.05)
  9. 4.13 Dinner Party (Avg Rating: 7.91)
  10. 4.17 Job Fair (Avg Rating: 7.82)
  11. 4.03-04 Dunder Mifflin Infinity (Avg Rating: 7.65)
  12. 4.16 Did I Stutter? (Avg Rating: 7.58)
  13. 4.15 Night Out (Avg Rating: 7.41)
  14. 4.11 Survivor Man (Avg Rating: 7.29)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.


  1. I love this new feature! Now at the end of the season when we do survivor, we can compare the rankings to these.

  2. Daniel, these ratings are based on what OfficeTally readers rated each episode as on a scale of 1-10. It is not the actual national ratings from watching the show.

  3. Huh. Odd. To me, Survivor Man was one of the best episodes of the whole series.

    Honestly, I liked Michael in that episode, but I hated Jim.

  4. it looks like people think that each episode gets worse and worse.
    interesting, no??


  5. I’m surprised Survivor Man is the lowest-rated one, too. Maybe everyone was just in a bad mood from the strike.

  6. All I see when looking at this, is how sad I will be if this list, plus one more, makes up our entire season 4. It’s completely insane. I never would have thought it just a few months ago. This strike needs to end now, or my long cold midwest winter is looking very boring, at least as far as TV land goes.

    And isn’t that why we watch this show, to escape reality for a bit? And because we’ve built such an awesome community of fans and communication with the creators/actors/writers. I’ve never been a part of anything like it, and to think we won’t be able to discuss another new episode for another 10 months! I want to cry. Getting through summer was hard enough, how will we do this guys? :(

  7. this is rather similar to the order i have favorites ranked in. “Money” took me back to the feel of the season 2 which was much appreciated. “Survivorman” was my least favorite thus far. it did have its funny moments (Mr. A Knife), but i agree with these rankings for the most part.

  8. Are there any other people besides myself who have a really hard time ranking these individual episodes?

    Anyway, thanks Tanster for a cool feature brought back. (I love statistics!!!)

  9. I’m also surprised at Survivor Man’s low rating. Maybe because the continual build-up of Michael’s craziness? I think this whole season has flowed really nicely; all the storylines being brought up and such. They’ve set up a really interesting season and I hate thinking that this Thursday’s going to be the last for awhile. :(

    Anyway, I’m glad to see the ratings back. :) I really missed that feature.

  10. @ Luke:

    It’s actually an old feature that came back. Office”tally” was derived from having the weekly polling. I’d love to see the old polls from the first two seasons, too, Tanster.

    Everybody loves ranking things.

    Money was my favorite episode from this season, and is probably in my top 5 or 7 of all time.

  11. UGGGGGGGHHH…Branch Wars had it all! I guess i’ll stop peddling that episode now that the masses have spoken!

    Is it just me or is the lack of office news a bummer? I stop by one, two, three times a day, yet since the strike a stop by every few days is all that is needed. grrrr. support the strike, and bummed out fan of the office, that cant figure out how to fill the thursday 9pm void.

  12. I’m surprised Survivor Man was ranked so low, it was my favorite of this season. It reminded me of a first or second season episode. I love the awkward moments!

  13. I personally did not like the survivor man episode. The reason was because they were forced to add the Michael in the woods part because of NBC doing there green week thing.

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