1. Wow, that was hilarious. I love watching them two together, even out of character. Loved the whole breaking their back thing, that was the best.

    And how hot was Jenna there? She looked great.

  2. Did anyone notice what issue this is? I have to run to the bookstore right now!! Thank you for making my great day even better!

  3. AH! I can’t WAIT until 9PM! In honor of the premiere my friend and I are texting great office quotes back and forth all day. It’s amazing.

  4. I’ll have this issue in the mail on Saturday, but I think I need to buy a second copy so I can preserve one (for my little obsessive heart) and cut the other one up and tape it on my wall.

    Awesome interview!

  5. Okay I now officially have to get all four covers! When do they hit the newsstands? I’ll be getting one with my subscription but I’ll definitely search the stores for the other three!

    And I love it when John and Jenna do interviews together. They understand and love their characters so much it’s great to hear their perspective on things.

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