1. Awww…some were so good but the bars at the top and bottom messed them up!

    I had to go with #2. It’s hilarious and very TallyHead-ish without screaming “obsessed” to everyone else that sees it, and it looks great on the iPhone since there isn’t any text.

    #3 comes in a close second. It probably would have gotten my vote, but the obscured text at the bottom kept bothering me. I know, it’s extremely anal, but what can I say?

  2. Really good entries. I love the creativity of the last one, but I think for overall design I’d have to go for #10. A lot of them look great on their own, but 10 looks the best with the iPhone stuff on top of it.

  3. No kidding! I think if you’re choosing the top 3, we should pick our three favorites… but hey, it’s not my poll.

  4. I can’t choose. And unlike Michael, I don’t have a Jim (Oh, I really wish I had a Jim.) or a Dwight to call in and make the decision for me. So on my own, I’m weeding it down to 6, 7, 9, or 11 for now.

  5. No kidding-that was a hard choice!!! Those were all fantastic entries, though!! (Anyone want to make a version for a Blackberry Pearl by chance? Hehe…a girl’s gotta try, especially when she’s not creative at all!)

  6. Does anybody else think the Toby/Michael wallpaper looks a little like Craig Ferguson’s offspring? Ha Ha

    All of them were great!

  7. Congratulations to everyone who submitted – they are fantastic! (Not giving away who I voted for, but I will say it was really hard to pick!)

  8. #10 all the way. I usually like the simplest design. They were all fantastic, but it seems like a lot of the designs have too much stuff going on at the top and bottom and will get cut off.

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